Judging a party by its enemies

A couple of points from going through the now-announced Senate preference tickets:

  • The Greens are absolute last on the tickets of a rogues’ gallery of the most creepy and disturbing parties in the country: Family First, CEC, One Nation, Shooters, Climate Sceptics, Senator Online. The Christian Dems put them second-last, behind everyone but the Sex Party. I assume the Greens are really chuffed by this: I would be. You know what they say about judging a person by the quality of their enemies… It caps off the credibility boost they get for being the party most hated by the Murdoch media empire.
  • The staggering hypocrisy of the Liberals and Family First whinging about the Labor/Green preference exchange becomes apparent, with the Liberals preferencing Family First above all others and FF putting the Libs above all the serious parties. So – the question now arises: since the Liberals were telling us no-one would make such a deal without compromising on policy, what have they offered Fundies First? What hardline religious fundamentalism have then Liberals promised to approve in the next parliament if they win? Is it fair to say that FundiesFirst “are just a Liberal front”? (Expect the “Labor/Green preference sellout” meme to die down now, now that the Liberals’ own much more disturbing deal is public knowledge.)
  • Both the Greens and the Sex Party have made a point of putting Conroy last within the Labor bracket, regardless of where Labor has put him.
  • In the ACT, the Democrats are putting the Liberals above the ALP and Greens, seriously angering both their supporters and even a former leader of their party, now running with the Greens.

I haven’t gone through the other states’ tickets in great detail yet. What else has leapt out at you?

I have to say, I quite agree with the Greens’ ticket in Victoria. This might be the first election I vote above the line.

ELSEWHERE: You know how we talked about the ALP joining the Liberals in working to disenfranchise as many eligible voters as possible by closing the rolls early? Well, we’ve got a figure now: 1.3 million.

1.3 million Australians, mainly the young who the big parties fear will not automatically vote for them, are going to be prevented from voting for no reason at all other than cynical politicking. It’s a travesty.

AND AS FOR THE GREENS’ LAUNCH: The Greens actually launched their policy-based campaign today. This is the ABC headline:

Greens seek to capitalise on voter frustration

“Greens seek to implement progressive platform in Parliament” would’ve been closer, but I suppose at least they mentioned them.

News.com.au has completely ignored the launch by the third biggest political party in the country.

UPDATE (9.20pm): Still absolutely no coverage of the Greens’ campaign launch on news.com.au. Not a word.

And check this out from Gillard:

Ms Gillard distanced herself from negotiating with the Greens, saying that would only be necessary if Mr Abbott didn’t respect the Labor Party’s mandate.

”The Greens vote only becomes relevant if Mr Abbott, if he’s opposition leader, doesn’t respect the mandate and the will of the Australian people at this election,” she said.

Julia realises that, even if she wins this election – by no means certain at this point – one day she won’t be Prime Minister any more, right? Does she intend anyone to look back fondly on her time in office? Anyone at all?

11 responses to “Judging a party by its enemies

  1. In NSW the Liberal Democrats (running Glenn Druery) made a big push to put together a deal and got very favourable preference flows, but the CDP, Shooters and Family First aren’t going to them, so it won’t work.

  2. You’d almost think LDP and FF should be complete enemies – one is secular, low-govt, the other is relgious, big govt – but they hate the Greens most of all.

  3. No big surprises in NSW, i.e. an ungodly large ballot where, given the number of unknowable, un-partied yahoos bloating the field, a below-the-line vote is infeasible this year, as it was in ’07. Once again the Greens seem to rank the majors in a reasonable order, so I’ll with heavy heart allow them to make my choice for me.

    The LDP’s preferences are interesting. In NSW at least they rank the CEC right up there. I would not have thought libertarianism and wackiness compatible at all, apart from maybe a shared obsession with the gold standard.

  4. Um. That should be *Larouchite* wackiness. Prince Philip stole my words!

  5. Climate Sceptics? Are they sceptical about the existence of the climate? What an idiotic name for a political party!

  6. I wonder what price Fielding extracted from the Libs for their prefs.

    Would there be any implications for the “filter”. cannot imagine that the Libs will be anti-censorship after this.

  7. One thing that stood out to me is that in Victoria, Stephen Mayne’s group preferences Family First above all other candidates. Kind of surprised me, for someone who founded Crikey.

  8. I always wonder about how much paper is wasted for the senate vote each time. Would having two options for the senate ballot paper have issues?

  9. Meanwhile, the Greens in Victoria have given Joe Toscano’s Senate ticket ( http://vote1josephtoscanovictoriansenateticket2010.com/ ) preference 12 – 14 (basically, putting them ahead of everyone bar the Sex Party and the Democrats).


  10. Doesn’t seem too incompatible – who of the remaining parties should the Greens put higher?

    Obviously there’s no real chance of that preference mattering, since he’ll be knocked out long before the Greens.

  11. I’m sorry to say the LDP has put the Greens last or close to it in preferences, but that’s because of backroom wheeling and dealing, not principle. Which is sad, considering the LDP is supposed to be a party of principle.

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