Aren’t the media bored of it yet? (Because we are.)

Oh, FFS Labor. You are being creamed on this irrelevant, stupid “leaks” distraction. How hard is it to turn around to the media and say:

“Look, this whole “leaks” thing is irrelevant. It’s political trivia. It fascinates political tragics in the media; it is something those who want to form government with as little scrutiny of their own record as possible would love to talk about instead; but it’s an INSULT to the majority of Australians who are much more interested in what the two big parties* have to offer them and the country. So what if Cabinet has vigorous debates? That’s the whole point. And so what if a broad church party like ours has the occasional ambitious member who wants to play a bit of internal politics on the side by leaking to journalists? Happens all the time. Happens to the Liberals, happens to us. In what large party, in what government, are there no leaks? The only way for it not to happen would be if MPs were all sheep. Well, we here in Labor are not sheep. The Australian people expect us to debate amongst ourselves to determine what the best policy is going to be, and then together advocate and implement it – and that’s what we do. The old, boring leak story is a distraction from that. We just think the media should grow up and get back to the actual issues of the campaign.”

And just repeat that every time they’re asked. “Oh, seriously – are you still on about that? How about the issues of what we’re actually going to do? Of what it would be like if the country fell back under a Liberal government again? That’s what this is about.”

Why would turning it back in the face of the media like that not work? Or, at any rate, be better than their present strategy?

*this is for Labor to say; they’d want to pretend it’s still a two-horse race.

10 responses to “Aren’t the media bored of it yet? (Because we are.)

  1. Splatterbottom

    The breakdown of party discipline is the issue. Tony Jones put to Chris Bowen that this breach of cabinet solidarity is unprecedented. Bowen didn’t deny it although, like Jeremy, he sought to change the topic and recast it as merely a disagreement within cabinet, pretending that the leak was trivial.

    What next? I suppose the PM will put the US president on speaker-phone so the guffawing toadies can titter and giggle and mock. No wonder Rudd got knifed. Long live the puppet-masters of the Labor Right! Gillard is just the new clown in town.

  2. “Breakdown of party discipline” indeed. FFS, there’ve been cabinet leaks from all parties for years. It’s ludicrous to get all excited about it.

  3. What’s it to be SB? Has there been a breakdown of party discipline or are the puppet-masters still in charge? You can’t have it both ways.

  4. Splatterbottom

    Labor has tried to paper over the cracks in party unity left by the bloody dispatch of Rudd. The fact that Labor can’t maintain party discipline or cabinet solidarity is an important issue for voters to consider.

    And this is not a Labor issue alone. It won’t be long before something comes unstuck on the other side. For every crying Kevin there is a malignant Malcolm skulking in the background.

    This election is the most boring I can remember. The protagonists seem intent on weaving gossamer webs of spun sugar, entirely devoid of substance. There is not much red meat for the base on either side. In such circumstances, cracks in the facade of propriety and unity are well worth digging into.

  5. Splatterbottom

    Zoot: “What’s it to be SB? Has there been a breakdown of party discipline or are the puppet-masters still in charge? You can’t have it both ways.

    Clearly the puppet-masters are in charge, or Rudd would not have been so easily terminated. And while they control the numbers there are a few not in their thrall. There are few who are still willing to fight back, either because of their decency or their degradation by the factional overlords, hence the lack of party discipline. Game on.

  6. shabadootwo

    It’s not a non-issue, as this sort of infighting, leaking, and incompetence is exactly the sort of thing that has plagued NSW Labor for the past several years, with disastrous results for governance.

  7. Do try not to give it any more oxygen than it deserves, Jeremy. Then it might go away. I think Gillard can work that out.

  8. But my point was that they’re not succeeding. They need a circuit-breaker – something turning it back on the media, something which highlights how absurd the fixation really is.

  9. Or they need to ignore it.

  10. lauriebraith

    Oh, FFS indeed.
    It is impossible to underestimate the intelligence of the electorate. Both the MSM and the professional politicians know this.

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