Figured out Tony Abbott’s plan

Wait a second – it’s obvious what the Liberals’ asylum seeker plan is! It’s to be themselves and govern Australia, like they did last time, as a bunch of corrupt, incompetent, short-sighted, nasty, lying scumbags to the point where no-one in their right mind would get on a boat to come here. In fact, in a nod to reducing our population pressures, Tony Abbott would personally work hard to drive existing Australians away.

It’s brilliant.

Labor’s trying hard, but I don’t think even they can match the Liberals at this strategy.

8 responses to “Figured out Tony Abbott’s plan

  1. Blast Tyrant

    That’s a bit harsh Jeremy. The Libs aren’t really incompetent.
    They’re a party with a principled position of racism and denial of human rights.
    They adhered to their principles very competently under Howard and Abbot seems very capable of enforcing this position again if elected.

  2. baldrickjones

    Your policy of criticising Labor whilst saving your harshest rhetoric for the Liberals is beginning to be a bit transparent. Call the policies as you see them, but remember that Labor IS the government. They can do what they want policy wise.

    Nothing fiercer than a lefty scorned. How many assylum seekers would the greens let in per year again? A firm policy would have a cap – what is it? Or can we take them all? These are relevant questions for a political party to answer.

  3. We can certainly process the numbers who’ve been showing up so far. Our refugee intake is tiny compared with our population.

    As for criticising the Liberals more than Labor – well, duh. On almost all issues they’re even more right wing. When they’re not, I’m happy to give them credit for it. But I can’t remember the last issue on which they were less terrible than Labor.

  4. baldrickjones

    Look, I have complemented you on your forthright and honest attempts to discuss issues. But if you are to advocate a particular position, you have to articulate limits – as all sensible and responsible people do. Is 13,500 enough or should it be more? How many more? This is a real and relevant question that has a lot of voters concerned. I am concerned about our overall immigration intake, I couldn’t give a stuff about the small percentage that assylum seekers make up – we are not managing our population now, at least in the major cities. Rural centres are growing fast and should absorb our immigrant population as a priority – but we can’t force people to do this. A tricky situation.

  5. baldrickjones

    BTW – left wing is not always better than right wing. Its a matter of effectiveness. And you are biased me ole matey.

  6. Blast Tyrant

    Baldrick, if people are so concerned about asylum seekers then maybe they should examine the role the Australian government has played and continues to play in creating refugees.
    Both ALP in office and Howard have helped create environments where people need to flee from their homes – yet where is the debate on that?

  7. Blast Tyrant

    if people are so concerned about asylum seekers
    I mean, concerned with the number of boat arrivals and how many we can accept.

  8. Baldrick, if we ever approach a number of asylum seekers coming by boat where we simply cannot manage them, then I’ll be happy to revisit the issue and talk about limits. But we’re clearly absolutely nowhere near that.

    As for left vs right – that’s a matter of opinion. My opinion is that parliament should be moving back leftwards after years of moving right. We should be better funding public services – health, so no-one is left waiting years for surgery because they’re poor; education, so no kids are missing out from the very beginning; public transport, so our cities don’t become LA-style gridlocked nightmares – and we should be standing up for civil liberties against those who would take them away – the religious right, malevolent corporations like the content industry, the “lock ’em all up” crowd.

    I think that on these questions we’ve been going in entirely the wrong direction for a number of years.

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