When’s Labor going to address mental health?

While we’re busy being unimpressed with the Government, where’s its response to Tony Abbott’s $1.5 billion mental health funding plan? It’s a travesty that it’s taken till now to address this issue seriously – and a serious strike against the Labor Party that it was the conservatives who put something on the table first.

If Abbott wasn’t determined to cave even further than Gillard to the big 3 miners, and be even more ridiculous with the internet filter, the ALP’s traditional spot one place above the Liberals on my ballot would be in serious doubt…

One response to “When’s Labor going to address mental health?

  1. I’m very close to sending my preference to the liberals. Maybe that’s a message that the ALP will listen to- they certainly haven’t paid attention the rest of my voting life when they’ve been second behind the Greens. If my local member (Andrew Laming) lifts his game and stops pandering to the bigots with his comments on asylum seekers etc he’ll get my preference.

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