What Sarah should’ve said (and presumably would’ve, if they hadn’t shouted her down)

Having now watched Monday’s Q&A, I was a little bothered by how Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young was shouted down by Turnbull and Emerson so she couldn’t answer the questions put to her. Which is a pity, because the two questions had very simple, straightforward answers:

  • Q: Why did the Greens vote down the ETS? Isn’t something better than nothing? A: Because the ETS proposed by the government (in the context where the ALP absolutely refused to negotiate with the Greens, not the other way around) was worse than nothing. It paid polluters to pollute (at taxpayers’ expense) and actually pushed us backwards.

  • Q: Isn’t there a risk that Greens preferences might elect Tony Abbott? A: No. The only Greens voters who’ll preference the Libs are ex-Coalition voters who’d never vote ALP anyway. There is no risk whatsoever of your vote for the Greens somehow helping the Coalition.

I can understand why the Senator wasn’t able to get these two points out, but it seems to me vital that all Greens representatives have very short and to the point retorts to these misleading attacks ready to go at any time. Because we’ll certainly be seeing more of them.

9 responses to “What Sarah should’ve said (and presumably would’ve, if they hadn’t shouted her down)

  1. I cringed at that performance. In the face of attacks from the likes of professional aggravater Graham Richardson S.H-Y should have had five or ten second comebacks, not long rambling replies in which she kept recirculating that the ETS was flawed, would have done nothing, etc…

    She was treated rudely, but I have to say I thought the woman from IPA was actually treated worse by the panel, especially Emerson, whom I’ve come to actively dislike.

    The hardest hit of the night was Richo’s accusation that the Greens are unwilling to make any compromises at all (i.e. are stark raving mad medieavalist hippies and break-the-ashphalt-let-the-grass-grow atavists). A snappy comeback to that might have had a really strong effect in establishing the Greens as PLAYERS, not just SPOILERS. This is, of course, a blatant lie, but one that S.H-Y did not effectively, concisely and wittily challenge.

    Not one of Tony Jones’ better performances as moderators, either.

  2. Yes they really did a number on her, the grumpy old men… I agree redravens, she needs to work on her one liners and rhetoric, I would have said to Richo – “It’s your party who refused to negotiate, it’s your party who said piss weak ETS or NOTHING! It’s your party who are absolutist.”

    And I reckon I could have made that statement off the cuff! Because that’s what I was thinking when Hanson Young was fumbling, actually I was probably yelling it at the telly, I’ll ask my wife if she remembers me yelling at Q&A 😀

  3. The problem is that it comes off as ineffectual waffling, which is what did in the Democrats. Milne was somewhat better, although she lacks charisma. Earnestness on its own won’t get it done.

  4. Milne was somewhat better, although she lacks charisma.

    Again redravens, I think you’re spot on, Milne has good things to say but yeah, she seems very earnest. It shouldn’t matter but the reality being that it does.

  5. Her problem is quite simple. She’s dumb. Really dumb. How did she ever get pre-selected?

  6. Because, anonymous troll, she clearly isn’t?

  7. acdicey, you could be describing Bronwyn Bishop, or maybe it’s you who is dumb, really dumb, I think it’s evident that Hanson Young is no dummy. For sure, she needs to brush up on her one liners but that doesn’t necessarily make one smarter, just better at politics and most importantly better for getting one’s message across.

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