Without twitter, #QT is just depressing

What’s the point of them broadcasting Question Time if we can’t tweet snarky responses to each childish collapse into schoolyard taunts and shouting?

Which reminds me – has anyone noticed how our big party parliamentarians are so much better at what’s not their job (offering condolences to the victims of tragedies) than they are at what is (sensible debate)?

2 responses to “Without twitter, #QT is just depressing

  1. Joe Hockey’s fake laugh is SO irritating! The guy needs acting lessons. 😡

  2. Wisdom Like Silence


    Twitter #QT would probably be the only way the Greens could get some attention from the ALP.

    Also they should televise more of QT, they always seem to cut it off when there was a decent question and a proper answer “And we’ll leave it there for today. We’ll televise the rest of that answer between Arsehole and Breakfast tomorrow.”

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