Who is N Reece, and where’d he or she get all the money to run a personal leafleting campaign against the Liberals?

One of those contemptible negative smear leaflets found its way to our letterbox this afternoon. On an ominous page of almost pure black it promises to reveal “3 things you should know about Tony Abbott & WorkChoices”. The three things, on the reverse, are essentially one: TONY ABBOTT IS GOING TO BRING BACK WORKCHOICES AND DESTROY YOUR FAMILY.

And it ends – “Authorised by N Reece, 360 King St Melbourne.”

Who the hell is N Reece? Why is there no mention of any organisation behind the leaflet? Are we supposed to believe that Mr or Ms N Reece is just providing this material out of a profound individual commitment to anti-conservative politics? Must be, because surely any Australian political party responsible for such an attack would have the guts to put its own name on its election material, wouldn’t it?

360 King St is, according to Google, ALP headquarters. The website it links to has, in tiny writing at the bottom an admission it’s by the ALP.

So. The ALP’s taken the Liberals’ technique of publishing tricky leaflets that look like they’re from another party, and taken it one step further by now deliberately omitting their name from their attack material. N Reece should be embarrassed to be putting his or her name to this sneaky, dishonest style of politics.

It’s going to be a spectacular race to the bottom by the big old parties this year. Hang on to your seats.

UPDATE: Unsurprisingly, Nick Reece turns out to be the ALP State Secretary and Campaign Director. So, Nick, mate, why’d you not come clean with that in your election material?

Nick Reece, coarsening our political debate one leaflet at a time.

What sort of a man would put his name to something deliberately designed to mislead voters?


6 responses to “Who is N Reece, and where’d he or she get all the money to run a personal leafleting campaign against the Liberals?

  1. Me thinks this is the shape of things to come.

  2. he’s brumbys former media adviser and also an ex-fairfax journo…so no stranger to shifty marketing

  3. The only ethically wrong thing to do by some people’s rights is to allow their party to lose the election.

  4. I wonder if your detractors will see fit to congratulate you on exposing this bastardry, even though it’s attacking the Libs?
    I wonder if those people would be outraged when the same kind of thing is done to the Greens?


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