The Billionnaires’ Tea Party

Such well-dressed protesters! Such professionally printed signs! And they had a rhyming slogan. You can’t go wrong with those.

Look at all those authentic hand-made individual signs!

If the desperate pleas of the nation’s richest people to pay less tax, and the angry cries of those to whom they’ve shamelessly lied (“campaign against this OR WE’LL SACK YOU ALL”) don’t move you, you must be made of stone.

12 responses to “The Billionnaires’ Tea Party

  1. Jeremy,

    As a lefty I’d expect a bit more compassion from you. We should be setting an example by not discriminating between different needy groups in the community.

    The unemployed should expect our support as should the poor impoverished billionaires, mining magnates and executives. They are suffering through a terrible resource super-cycle and need all the help we can provide.

  2. This must be the first protest in Australian history where the workers would be sacked if they didn’t attend!

  3. It’s hilarious seeing the super rich complaining about paying more tax. And paying more tax on obscene profits, not just their usual income.

    They need a Joe the Plumber Miner type. LOL.

  4. the whole charade is wearing thin quicker than i expected, this fake protest doesnt help

  5. I thought the icing on the cake was Twiggy wearing his fluoro shirt to the Press Club luncheon. He’s just a common old working chap … not.

  6. They’ve done Rudd a great favour actually. I’d expect to see a shift back to the ALP in the next poll as a result of this charade. Not in W.A. though.

  7. confessions

    Rolex Revolutionaries.

  8. Wilson Tuckey in the front line didn’t help matters either.

    Twiggy makes a great case of being the “good cop” to Clyde Palmer’s Vic Mackey-eseque cop, but the visibility shirt was just a leeetle too far…

  9. usesomesanity

    The mining mirage is becoming exposed.

  10. baldrickjones

    Hmmm…class envy in abundance here…

    Actually not class, just success.

    So do you support all citizens protesting an issue, or only if they are poor? Or if you agree with it?

  11. As I see it, baldrickjones, this was not a genuine protest but a mining company PR stunt. But just because someone opposes this type of corporate charade does not mean they support all of the the protests made by the so-called “poor”, some of which are also not worthy of support, in my opinion.

  12. Splatterbottom

    The excellent thing about the decline in Krudd’s popularity is that it shows that the politics of envy are dead. Most people have enough sense to understand that if Cancerous Kev rat-fucks the mining industry, he will also inflict considerable damage on the economy.

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