Oh, look, the Alice Springs Town Council is at it again

Almost a year since the ASTC decided to start fining beggars, comes another impressive episode in their ongoing campaign to teach those… people a lesson:

Apparently the Alice Springs Town Council (ASTC) decided to enforce its local by-laws and ban the Aboriginal street artists from selling their art in downtown Alice — threatening them with a fine that could eventually see them jailed.

This one’s not just cruel and arbitrary, it’s stupid and counterproductive, as these artists are a major tourist attraction in Alice Springs.

Who are these councilors? It’s like the ASTC is determined to make The Alice a national embarrassment.

7 responses to “Oh, look, the Alice Springs Town Council is at it again

  1. Sadly, it could be either stupid or racist, though if it’s the former it’s informed by the later………I’m so proud of my fellow Territorians.

  2. I’ve just had a mate visit his brother in Alice…came back telling me how people have to show ID to buy beer at a bottle shop, no matter the age…the indigenous community there are restricted as to how much they can buy, and if they get in ANY trouble, no matter how trivial, they can be banned from buying grog. Not the same rules for non-indigenous. Seems like aussie apartheid to me!!

  3. Splatterbottom

    Wouldn’t it be better for the ASTC to organise a market, and charge a small amount to cover costs? $200 per day sounds ridiculous. How is this any more difficult than organising buskers in the Pitt Street Mall in Sydney? They audition, buy a license and get allocated a time and a spot to play.

    Sounds like the ASTC is more interested in driving away competition on behalf of the shop-owners.

  4. baldrickjones

    Try living there before commenting….my 5 years in the territory showed that stereotypes sometimes reflect reality. Alice is really, really dangerous after dark.

  5. So is Mitchell St baldrick.

  6. Blast Tyrant

    “Try living there before commenting….” it’s always amusing when people use this as some form of argument.

    Baldrick no doubt has an opinion on Zimbabwe under Mugabe however I do doubt Baldrick has ever lived there…

  7. baldrickjones

    “Baldrick no doubt has an opinion on Zimbabwe under Mugabe however I do doubt Baldrick has ever lived there…”

    What does that even mean and how is it relevent?

    “So is Mitchell St baldrick.”

    Yep, and try walking past Uncle Sams at 2 a.m. and see how safe that is, and who are the dangerous people there.

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