What you can do about taxpayer-funded political advertising

Don’t vote for either of the old parties that waste your money on it.

PS If you do vote “1” for either of the old parties, you can have no credibility whinging about this when the other one does it.

13 responses to “What you can do about taxpayer-funded political advertising

  1. Wisdom Like Silence

    TBH IMHO if you’re main grievance is advertising from either of these parties, and not what they’re going to do about; housing shortage, inflation, immigration, work place relations, copyright laws, unsustainable production of carbon emission, bill of rights, Australian Republic, water allocation from the Murry-Darling, dams in the north-west of Australia, refugees, the gap between White Australians and Aboriginal Australians, education, healthcare, and anti-syphoning laws, then maybe you should sit down and have a bit of a think.

  2. Not my main grievance. But since I don’t vote for either of them, it’s not massively hypocritical for me to also object to their waste of public money on advertising themselves in government.

  3. Wisdom Like Silence

    I wasn’t saying you personally, I meant the proverbial you, out there in the internets land.

  4. Splatterbottom

    Keating started it, the Lying Rodent promised to eliminate it but didn’t, and Rudd has expanded it.

    Gillard’s BER is typical. She required the signs stay up until after the election, even though many schools are also polling places.

    This is typical of a lot of the corruption in Australian politics – if both parties do it, it becomes a non-issue. Each just queues up for their turn at the trough.

  5. I take issue with your use of the expression “both parties”. There are other parties besides the big two.

  6. Splatterbottom

    Sorry I should have said “both major parties”. The Australian Democrats, Australian Fishing and Lifestyle Party, Australian Sex Party, Carers Alliance, Christian Democratic Party, Citizens Electoral Council of Australia, Communist Alliance, Country Liberals, Democratic Labor Party, Family First, Liberal Democratic Party, Non-Custodial Parents Party (Equal Parenting), One Nation, the Pirate Party, Senator On-Line, Shooters and Fishers Party, Socialist Alliance, Socialist Equality Party, The Australian Greens and the rest can afford to take a hard line when they are not in power, just like the majors do when they are not in power. You can only judge these groups once they have the power to change things but don’t do so.

  7. So all candidates should be judged according to the excesses of the worst?

    Hardly a disincentive for bad behaviour.

    If you don’t mind, I don’t want to be part of the problem and be lending my vote to crooks who waste my money on their own advertisements.

    If the Greens pull that sh*t in government, then I’ll stop supporting them and support someone who hasn’t done it.

    There has to be a consequence for bad behaviour, and in politics that consequence should be that YOU DON’T KEEP VOTING FOR THE PEOPLE WHO RIP YOU OFF.

  8. Wisdom Like Silence

    When, as it is inevitable, the Greens do come to power, and their only transgression is publicly funded advertising, I wouldn’t get too upset. In terms of political betrayl, glossy leaflets are pretty low on the list, for me.

    However if they whore themselves for prefrences I would drop them like a sack of ogranic potatos.

  9. Getting taxpayers to pay for your ads because you’re in power is more than just about the money you’re wasting – it reveals that you have sold out. That you care more about power than your own principles.

    That’s not acceptable from anyone who wants to represent me in parliament.

  10. Wisdom Like Silence

    Well yeah, but unlike the Greens extraordinarily remote possibility that they would, with the ALP and the Coalition it’s the straw that breaks the camels back. If they stuck to their guns about immigration, climate change, housing etc then I wouldn’t pull my support from them, but if they backflipped and then started doing it I would.

  11. To see Tony and the Libs latest TV ad, go here –


    Also has a good link to what the smart Catholics think of him.

    Sorry to push my blog Jeremy, but you might find it interesting over the next few months.

  12. Splatterbottom

    Tony’sstool, you are obviously besotted with the man, but why no pictures of him in his Speedos? Are you saving those for your own private pleasure?

  13. Sorry for the slow reply Splatter. Tony has a lot in common with you. When he opens his mouth SB goes everywhere!

    I love his speedos and won’t hear anything said against them or his budgy.

    They keep him honest apparently.


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