The arrogance of the establishment

Bernard Keane in Crikey reveals the Labor strategy for dealing with the Greens:

[Greens Senator Scott] Ludlam recently approached Ferguson at Alice Springs Airport to introduce himself, urge the minister to meet with traditional owners affected by the nomination of Muckaty Station and have a talk when they were both next in Canberra.

Ferguson’s response was “I don’t deal with the Greens, why would I deal with the Greens, we don’t deal with the Greens” and walked off.

Ah, the arrogance of the establishment parties. I look forward to it coming to bite them.

ELSEWHERE: Talking of arrogance… have a look at the terms and conditions on which the Commonwealth puts broadcasts from the national parliament online:

The material shall not be used for:

* political party advertising or election campaigning
* satire or ridicule

What? Who do they think they’re kidding?

First, satire and ridicule is precisely the appropriate response to the majority of what goes on in the House and Senate. Secondly, why on Earth should a political party not be entitled to publicise during an election campaign what its opponents say and do in parliament?

Who precisely decided on and voted for these ludicrous rules?

6 responses to “The arrogance of the establishment

  1. Wisdom Like Silence

    The people who run in those elections. They’re supposed to have legal protection to anything they say in the well so I suppose it could extend to replays of what they say. Not that the law is at all democratic. But to stop it from being used by satirists it stupid and to stop it being used by parties during campaigns is even more retarded.

  2. I think it is more wishful thinking than anything else!

  3. And we here in India are following many of these political things that you ridicule in your posts!!!

    Reasons can be cited to justify that but is there any justification to remain fools and stick to even what we despise???

  4. Wisdom Like Silence

    Wasnt Rijuta a bad guy in Ruroni Kenshin? He spoke as cryptically as you do.

  5. Don’t know about the novel series you mentioned but I doubt if there’s any Rijuta in it 🙂

    From your response, I am not sure if you are looking fwd to know what I meant to say or want me to know that I encroached your space. May be we aren’t understanding each other’s expressions due to linguistic relativity.

    Still, I just wanted to put across that we in India too are following similar political norms and are adamant not to change even after proofs of it’s futility are apparent.

  6. dont read too much into webpage “conditions” drivel

    i recall VHS movies used to have interpol warnings

    because scotland yard would come flash bang your living room if you illegally copied the karate kid

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