Talking of caving on Miranda…

It looks like the White House may be looking at taking away one of the most basic protections afforded to people being arrested by the state – Miranda rights – in case they are applied to BAD PEOPLE.

As a commenter notes:

So if I have a neighbor who complains my stereo is too loud, I can now get him SWAT’ed and/or have his Miranda rights stripped from him just by saying he’s a drug dealing terrorist?

Good to know. Good to know.

Seriously, there is something wrong with a country where supporting basic human rights is now seen as a thing of which to be ashamed. In the far-rightosphere at the moment you’ve got people who claim to be afraid that their government is becoming tyrannical actively demanding that it take away their hard-won civil rights. It’s difficult to fathom what is going on in their minds.

Then again, they’ve also tried to turn “empathy” and “social justice” into dirty words, so I don’t know why I’m surprised.

UPDATE: And in further “they have no shame” news from the US, check out John McCain’s latest xenophobia-baiting campaign advertisment. Marvel at how easily he slips “home invasions” and “murders” into his list of things to blame on “illegals”.

AND ELSEWHERE: Turns out that that “you scare me” anti-Obama email forward really is by former Proctor & Gamble VP Lou Pritchett. No, it wasn’t written by a home-bound Glenn Beck acolyte – it was actually written by someone who knows perfectly well what utter garbage it’s spouting. The wingnuts love the thing – if you’ve got a strong stomach and a firm, bullshit-proof constitution, you might find it good for a laugh. A bitter, ironic laugh.

UPDATE (12/5): And Fox News refuses to run an advertisement by veterans opposing US reliance on foreign oil. I’m sure that decision had nothing whatsoever to do with the Saudi prince who owns a 7% share of Newscorp.

ON THAT: Where oil comes from.

3 responses to “Talking of caving on Miranda…

  1. Wisdom Like Silence

    Hm, you’d think a former community organiser, and more importantly, an african-american, would consider being read their Miranda more or less an absolute must.

    I also think this is a bad idea as one of the other commenters points out.

    “Errr, Glen Beck think that terrorist, if they are American, have the absolute right to have their rights read to them.

    Glen Beck.


    Nuff sed.

  2. down the same drain as habeas corpus

    its going to make those episodes of CSI date badly..

    “daddy, whats the right to remain silent? they it said on TV”

    “ah…that was to keep the rabbits out”

  3. I cannot believe I agree with Captain Crazy (Glen Beck) – except for the laws applying differently to citizens versus non-citizens. It is funny watching Fox people fight amongst themselves…their “what ifs” are straight out of 24. ie bullshit.

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