Reasonable force

Clearly, that family pet needed to be shot (in front of a seven-year-old) to keep America safe from young men smoking marijuana:

Hooray for the “War on Drugs”.

Expect to see this same scene repeated in the coming years on behalf of the music and film corporations.

19 responses to “Reasonable force

  1. This is horrendous.. Shame on the police force.

  2. Actually this is nothing. It was a dog not the kid, which is a relief.

    The police in the US have been horrendous for decades, and especially in the last 10 years.

    People in the US get shot cos the door gets kicked in they respond (as you would to a home invasion) by thinking about defending themselves and end up bullet ridden.

    Which wouldn’t be such an issue if the coppers actually had a track record of raiding the right places. On at least 3 occasions in the last 10 years the wrong house has been raided and people have been shot. Thats at least 3 cases too many.

    In the US at the moment police taze children, bash girls in custody, and generally engage in excessive brutality at every opportunity.

    Often in the us if during a raid a person is shot and drugs are found at the premises then the shooting becomes a drug related shooting by police and isn’t investigated. Given the amount of cover up, and planting of drugs by cops thats been uncovered its safe to assume that everyone who gets shot by cops in the US is innocent.

    Police violence is never questioned. Its assumed that its always justified, tho in most cases it probably isn’t and sometimes if the cops involved had been well trained and half decent they could have avoided the situation.

  3. Splatterbottom

    I love the war on dogs! I’m a cat.

  4. Dammit, “The War On Dogs” would’ve been so much a better heading for this post.

  5. Of course tasers in schools is a sensible policy, cos it prevents kids being shot.

  6. Reefer madness indeed.

  7. I’m not sure what’s more insane — police officers in schools armed with tasers, or the need for police officers to be stationed in schools.

    Actually, I am sure.

  8. Marek Bage

    I’m waiting for the person who’s been there, on the front line to tell us we’re fools for criticising the police.
    We should all just shut up ‘coz the cops are only doing their job and following procedure and would we be happy if the ‘purp’s dog had mauled an officer?

    It’s so easy for we people to act brave from the comfort of our keyboards and we have no idea about the pressures facing police these days and we’d just complain if they weren’t there to protect us.

    (Mind you, one less pit bull in the world ain’t such a bad thing.)


  9. timandtess

    Marek Bage- Um, I think you’re missing the point entirely..
    The SWAT team raided this dudes house for a “small amount” of marijuana, enough for a misdemeanor charge! I think the idea that a SWAT team is needed to bust down his door for his personal supply of MJ is over-the-top policing..
    I think really think people need protecting from a guy sitting at home smoking a bit of weed.

    And, yes he had a pit bull, but they also shot a corgi. As far as I know, a pitb bull who co-habitated with a corgi is not really going to be a threat.

  10. Marek Bage

    timandtess, you missed my point.

    I was satirising the kind of people who want to defend this shit.
    They are the same kind of people that insisted none of us were able to comment on the ‘Collateral Murder’ tape because we weren’t soldiers.

    Although I was taking the piss, I do stand by my Pitbull comment.
    Ugly fucking dogs for ugly fucking people.
    Corgis are pretty fucking ugly too, but in a different way.


  11. Blast Tyrant

    “Although I was taking the piss, I do stand by my Pitbull comment.
    Ugly fucking dogs for ugly fucking people.
    Corgis are pretty fucking ugly too, but in a different way.”

    Let go of your hate Marek…

  12. There’s an interactive map showing all the botched swat raids across the US up to 2009 – there are too many to count and dozens of people have been killed, both unarmed citizens and police. Almost all of these botched raids have been carried out in the name of the drug war.

    Pretty frightening stuff, though it looks like a kid’s pyjama party when you compare it to the drug war situation south of the border, which is now deadlier than Afghanistan. What a colossal clusterfuck.

    A close friend here in Sydney recently had his door broken down and was cuffed and held face down on the floor while police searched his house with his wife and two year old daughter looking on in horror. They had the wrong address – the target was living next door and actually had time to escape while the police were tearing up my friend’s house.

    The warrant was for guns, which is some consolation, and luckily no one was hurt (physically). The police never paid to have the door replaced either 😦

  13. Wisdom Like Silence

    Does this now mean we have to have a moments silence everytime we hear “Sit Ubu Sit, good dog”?

    Shoot the dogs first, criminals shouldnt be allowed to keep pets at all. We cant infringe on their right to continue multiplying, but you shall have nay Mirandas NOR Schnauzers!

  14. Let go of your hate Marek…

    It’s the only thing that keeps me warm at night.


  15. A truly disturbing video.

    I don’t think Americans will ever realise you cannot win a war against an enemy that does not exist.

  16. Blast Tyrant

    connect 4: “the target was living next door ” – I thought that kinda thing only ever happened in Springfield…
    How do they get it so fucking wrong?

    This is a pretty amusing take by Dave Chappelle on the difference between white collar crime and the war on drugs (including a dog that get’s shot).

  17. @connect4: one of the disturbing things about that Cato Institute map (apart from the horrific number of dots) is the very high proportion of innocent victims who were Hispanic.

  18. baldrickjones

    “Given the amount of cover up, and planting of drugs by cops thats been uncovered its safe to assume that everyone who gets shot by cops in the US is innocent.”

    Thats clearly not an accurate statement – the odds are far against it.

    Just on the side – what do all the “legalise it” crowd think about the raising (again) of the tabacco tax? Already at my work the smokers are smoking Malboro’s with vietnamese tax seals for only $6.00 a pop – clearly not legal. But should we enter into a war on tobbaco smugglers? What if we made it illegal and the trade boomed? This is a real life example of what could happen to government supplied legal “illegal” drugs. If the government keeps raising taxes on drugs to get more revenue, is that achieving the aim of “legalising”?

  19. I know its not an accurate statement. Its the same sort of inaccuracy that allows any “drug related” killing by police to go uninvestigated. (Tho I admit thats hearsay at the moment.)

    Both ideas are clearly wrong. For the same reasons.

    The US is awash with police abuses of power, especially since the GWOT started.

    As far as the legalisation thing goes.

    I’d just grow my own. I grow my own chillies and coffee. And various veggies and (legal) herbs and fruit.)

    Its a weed, and (according to legend) there was a wild (ie escaped) hemp plantation growing in the Hunter valley for 100 years. Its probably been grown in my part of the world for as long, tho not for hemp.

    I’ve actually smoked home grown (non commercial) tobacco before and its great. I would have brought it off that person if they sold any. (They gave me some, I smoked about a third as much as normal while I had it.)

    There’s various tricks to preparing it properly tho, unlike pot.

    As far as heroin goes. Its production costs are tiny.

    Put it on medicare and give the people that use it some decent treatment options in the process.

    Recreational drugs like pills and acid and stimulants… tax the living crap out of them as far as I’m concerned. But make them legal.

    But if people want to grow their own pot, dmt or salvia, or pick shrooms from a paddock, let them. (If people want to grow their own tobacco they should be able to as well.)

    If they grow and sell pot or tobacco – well pot should be taxed like alcohol (tho I dunno about the current regime – and medicinal cannabis should be treated the way complimentary or conventional medicines are depending on how its treated by the medical system) and tobacco the same or in its current way.

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