Jim Wallace, military fundamentalist, opposes R18; wants your kids treated the same as adults

It’s not surprising that Jim Wallace would write a fatuously empty article attacking an R18+ rating for videogames (after all, if Jim Wallace doesn’t have any interest in something, it doesn’t deserve to exist). It’s not surprising that such an article would be a mess of contradictions – a call for government to protect kids with a rating system he says doesn’t work; a call to keep kids safe from adult material by treating them the same as adults. (The very same situation the R18 rating would finally change.) Nor is it surprising that News Ltd’s “Punch” would publish said article and decline to advise readers alongside it that Jim Wallace is writing as head of the social conservative “Australian Christian Lobby” group.

What was surprising to me was to click on his Punch bio and learn the following:

Jim has also been a sought after commentator on Defence and security issues having left the Army as a Brigadier in late 2000 after a 32 year career which included command of the SAS Regt, Special Forces and the Army’s mechanised Brigade of three thousand personnel and most of the Army’s fighting vehicles. He is a graduate of the Royal Military College Duntroon, the British Army Staff College and the Australian College of Defence and Strategic Studies.

Jim served with the UN in the Middle East in Lebanon and Syria. In 1984 he was made a Member of the Order of Australia for his services to counter-terrorism.

Jim “violent videogames are coming for your children” Wallace was a long-term member of the military, and is still involved.

No problem with your kids doing this, but a real problem with videogames

Adults with actual guns? Not a threat to your children. Adults with games that have guns in them? Devastating.

ELSEWHERE: Ministers wuss out and, despite an enormous 98% of responses to their inquiry supporting an R18 rating, claim “more work” is needed:

Minister for Home Affairs Brendan O’Connor says about 98 per cent of submissions supported an R-18+ classification for games. But he said the ministers needed to consider more than just the weight of numbers.

“It is also the strength of the arguments on each side,” he said. “That is why ministers today agreed that further work needs to be done before a decision can be made. Censorship ministers have not yet made a decision on whether or not an R-18+ classification for computer games should be introduced and have requested further analysis of community and expert views.”

What “further work”? What “further analysis”? By whom? Does the ACL need another shot at whipping its supporters up into a hysterical frenzy, since they failed to heed the call last time?

Just how long do these bozos think they can get away with putting this off?

UPDATE #2: Support for R18 from an unlikely source – Catholic bishops – on the grounds that the rating will help protect children.

Still, I’m not sure that the endorsement of the Roman Catholic church is something anyone’s particularly seeking at the moment…

5 responses to “Jim Wallace, military fundamentalist, opposes R18; wants your kids treated the same as adults

  1. babsontask

    Everyone knows games are bad because they have proof – in the form of a pixelated General Custer rape ‘game’ for the Atari from the 1980s that sold 5 copies, yet is trotted out every time this argument comes up.

    An R18+ rating would allow for adult content to be classified as such. Presently games that have adult concepts, but are not overtly sexual or super-violent and cannot reasonably be banned are just slapped with MA15.

  2. And yet for some reason nobody says we need to get rid of R rated films because of those Japanese faux-snuff films.

    Well, I hear the ACL says it, but they’re not being too open about it.

  3. baldrickjones

    Actually, I would think that you would find that soldiers do have issues with going to war, and that it is the politicians who send them. Most members of the military see war as abhorent and if required to go, to end it as quickly and with as few casualties as possible – the SAS in particular. And as a former commanding officer of SASR, he is the elite of the elite – you wouldn’t even pass the special forces basic selection board! Even if you wanted to.

  4. Wow! Jim’s amazing killing people skills really do give him credibility in his campaign of exaggeration about “videogame violence”.

  5. “…you wouldn’t even pass the special forces basic selection board! Even if you wanted to.”

    You sure about that? I don’t know anything about the actual capabilities of people online and neither do you.

    You should be careful about stupid assumptions.

    But yeah whats that got to do with the issue at hand? Who cares if he was head of the SAS, he head of the ACL now and trying to use his military life as extra cred for that organisation is bollocks. (I’ve known a few SAS people over the years… I dunno if the officers, especially the higher ups … how the troopers see them or Christianity for that matter, might not be what you think.)

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