It is when you fixate on “boat people”

Scott Morrison, the Liberal anti-immigration spokesman:

Debating population is not racist or bigoted

He’s quite right.

But debating population by demonising a tiny subset of immigrants who just happen to be poor and non-Anglo Saxon, is.

And that’s what his party, its leader, and its supporters have been doing.

2 responses to “It is when you fixate on “boat people”

  1. confessions

    The Liberals have no policies, and because they are hopelessly divided on the stuff Abbott’s already thrown out into public (climate change, parental leave, offshore investment), the only thing they can talk about without risk of splitting internally, is boat people.

  2. Wisdom Like Silence

    The Ashmore Reef explosion last year should be evidence enough that these half-boat-half-human’s understand just fine what Rudd’s policy on “border protection” is.

    The team involved in the rescue were given commendations. Most of them were pretty bashful about it, but they did earn it.

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