Blog vs email

I’d have thought the following was obvious, but just for future reference: this blog exists for the having of debates and discussions with me. If you disagree with something I’ve written here, it takes but a few seconds to register for WordPress and express that disagreement – and I, or other commenters, will be happy to engage with you.

I won’t be conducting private arguments on blog topics through email for a couple of reasons. First, I don’t have the time to do this for every commenter. Secondly, what’s the point? Part of the value of blogging is having an open discussion that is accessible to anyone simply by googling the topic. A successful argument remains visible to all, whether the opponent concedes or not. Over email, that’s simply not the case, so it is simply not worth the time and effort.

So no, you won’t get a proper debate, individually tailored for you and your particular requirements, from me over email. But I’ll be happy to engage with you on the blog.

3 responses to “Blog vs email

  1. Wisdom Like Silence

    Good post.

    Check your inbox.

  2. Damn Wisdom, beat me to it.

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