Stoked about the institution I’m keeping away from you

Via @KevinRuddPM earlier this week:

Thank God he’s defended the institution from teh gays and lesbians – his son’s coming union would have been meaningless, pointless, worthless, if homosexual people were getting married in this country too. Isn’t it great that he’s been able to give his son and future daughter in law the happiness of knowing that poofs can’t share what they’re sharing? It’s the best gift a bible-bashing social conservative can give his family/take away from others’.

ELSEWHERE: Is it mean to point this out to Kevin – a politician who imposes his religious beliefs on other Australians in their private lives – on his son’s special day? I say no – it’s the best opportunity to appeal against his prejudices, when the value of the thing he’s denying others should be most apparent to him.

One response to “Stoked about the institution I’m keeping away from you

  1. Blast Tyrant

    I agree completely with that Denizer person who commented on the other blog.

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