Ignore the right’s repulsive fear-mongering, this is what happens

Well, News Ltd and other conservative organisations wanted refugee-bashing to be part of our national politics again, and they’ve succeeded. We on the left didn’t counter their utter lies hard enough, or strongly enough, and both major parties (I’m going to ignore the Cruel Samaritan as the irrelevancy he’ll hopefully soon be) are now essentially as repulsive as each other on the issue. Voters who know the facts (please, print that out and put a copy in the Herald Suns in the local cafe) now only have one party to represent them – the Greens. Those progressive, humane ALP members still in that party, trying futilely to change it from the inside (give up guys, it belongs to the Right now) should probably consider this the final straw and jump ship. Looks like we’re going to have to unite against the Liblab bastards together.

Labor’s shameless attack on asylum seekers is in part because they’ve been bombarded with correspondence from Australians who’ve been whipped up into a frenzy at the idea of the country being “swamped” with diabolical “illegals” who are to blame for everything that’s wrong with the country. The fact sheet summarises very clearly just why that’s so stupidly wrong – and for all but the most hardened, racist Bolt-readers, a discussion in which they learn the facts is usually enough to withdraw their support for treating these people so cruelly – but it’ll take some real legwork now to get it out there.

One thing you can do is send a message to the Minister through GetUp’s handy portal for doing just that – the critical points are to the right (for example, that even DFAT acknowledges that Sri Lanka and Afghanistan are dangerous at the moment) while you’re adding your message, so it’s not a big ask. The more hateful screeds from racist morons that get sent, the more rational messages we need to send in response. Labor responds to public pressure – we need to let it know that we’re members of the public too. And we vote.

We can see what’s being done to these innocent people in our name. And it must stop.

ELSEWHERE: Andrew Bartlett, writing at Crikey, explores the issue of whether this new policy breaches international human rights law.


18 responses to “Ignore the right’s repulsive fear-mongering, this is what happens

  1. Jeremy
    the problem with asylum seekers is not about wanting to refuse to help those in need as per our obligations under the (overly generous) UN convention but that many Aussies quite rightly object to “asylum seeking” being a defacto immigration process that effectively circumvents our right to decide who can settle here.

  2. I’m glad that Getup have taken this on, and I hope the Greens give the government hell in the Senate when it next sits. We know the coalition will, but their questions will be from the ‘not tough enough’ perspective.

    Btw, putting a copy of the fact sheet in the Hun cafe copies is a great idea! If they could get it to a double-sided sheet, even better.

  3. Splatterbottom

    This should not be an issue for minority parties. One of the major parties needs to stand up for human decency on this issue. Otherwise it is to easy for people with twinges of conscience to sweep the issue under the carpet and stand silently by as the mongrels dominate the public discourse.

    Australia is underpopulated, whereas many countries are overpopulated and their people largely live in dire circumstance. The only decent thing to do is for us to take more migrants, and to ensure that when they get here they have the means to to enable them to contribute to the country. This entails more infrastructure and more services for new migrants.

    Behaving as a dog in a manger is not an option, and to the extent we don’t manage the process in an orderly way, it will occur anyway but in a chaotic fashion to the detriment of the new migrants and the country as a whole.

    On the other hand, if resources are devoted to this issue, Australia has much to gain, especially in terms of having a large enough market to foster a greater competitive position, both internally and vis-à-vis the rest of the world.

    The barking xenophobia of the manger-dogs is both ugly, and unworthy of a country that has benefited so much from immigration in the past.

  4. “Australia is underpopulated”

    Jesus, SB, even when you’re right you’re wrong. Must suck to be you.

  5. Blast Tyrant

    bloods, Australia is underpopulated.

  6. Splatterbottom

    I was afraid for a moment you were going to agree with me, but there you are, whining and yelping away in your manger. Next you’ll be yapping on about ‘sustainability’.

  7. Whining, yeah that’s what people are doing when they disagree with you.

  8. Splatterbottom

    Whining is what you do, long and often. It is an apt description of your petulant pedantry.

    The trouble is that all too often you just mouth off, as you did with the ‘overpopulation’ comment, rather than enter into the spirit of congenial debate that suffuses this blog.

  9. “the spirit of congenial debate that suffuses this blog.”

    That is, until SB comes along.

  10. And poisons it with his misanthropy.

  11. Splatterbottom

    Your last comments illustrate my point.

  12. “Your last comments illustrate my point.”

    Remarkable coincidence. Mine too. I like a good debate too SB. It’s not that I don’t like you personally, it’s just that I can’t stand smartarse showpony bullshit artists who just love spoiling for a fight.

  13. “the problem with asylum seekers is not about wanting to refuse to help those in need as per our obligations under the (overly generous) UN convention but that many Aussies quite rightly object to “asylum seeking” being a defacto immigration process that effectively circumvents our right to decide who can settle here.”

    It isn’t. The only Australians who think this are racist, ill-informed morons.

  14. “asylum seeking” being a defacto immigration process that effectively circumvents our right to decide who can settle here.

    FFS Iain! How many times do you need to be told that the Australian government determines which migrants are granted permission to enter Australia, not asylum seekers or people smugglers or aliens, or whoever else it is you imagine has the authority.

    You’re nothing but an ignorant blowhard. Go back to whingeing about latte sippers.

  15. I disagree with Iain, but I think your response @ 9:46PM is overegging it a bit Jeremy. There are plenty of otherwise very decent people out there who think this.

  16. Anyone who thinks that is at the very least ignorant. If they seek to pontificate on a subject on which they’re ignorant, that’s moronic. And if they seek to do so in order to attack a certain class of people who stoke their fears because they’re not “like them”, then they’re racist.

    But I’m sure they’re lovely people otherwise.

  17. Yup – but I reckon in a lot of cases it might just be columns 1 and 2 – and not always 3. And then – they probably need convincing moreso than slagging.

  18. Congratulations on this post. This whole new episode in Labor gutlessness is completely infuriating. When oh when will a Labor leader in power take a principled stance on this issue? The example of Andren during Howard’s tenure surely shows that a willingness to explain won’t lose you votes! Lost my first preference I’m afraid.

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