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Darryl Mason:

Fox News is the home of wealthy media elites who con poor Americans into campaigning on their behalf for them to pay less tax, by exploiting their fears and vulnerabilities.

Sums it up nicely. The rest of that post – how Palin and Beck have made millions by exploiting the fears of middle-class Americans – is also worth a read.

Actually, while we’re here, both of Darryl’s blogs (the other one is The Orstrahyun: I don’t quite get the division between the two) have for a while been providing interesting takes on what goes on – both internationally, and here. (Also, when I can’t be bothered covering News Ltd hacks like Bolt – it gets draining after a while – Darryl’s often there first.) He’s fairly blunt, but fearless – and when the blogosphere is busy sanitising itself, there’s value in that, too.

Added to the sidebar.

32 responses to “Quote of the Day

  1. Splatterbottom

    Jeremy, why on earth would you want to associate with that feeble-minded tool? Looks like he spends his time feeding myths to drooling leftists, reinforcing their prejudices with reality-free clichés. His post is all bile, uninformed by any facts. He breathlessly informs us that high rating talk show hosts are well paid – who knew! Maybe his news is that this isn’t the case with leftist media stars who work for the peanuts.

    When leftists are confronted by something they don’t understand their reaction is fear and loathing rather than taking pause and trying to work out why it is so. They cling to their ideology and try to shut everyone else up. Looks like Obama’s tactic of boycotting Fox failed. Maybe someone gave him the good kick up the arse he so desperately needed. They should give him a few more, preferably as he bows to some foreign autocrat.

    Palin was a popular reformist governor who fought corruption in her party. She is also a decent human being. No wonder the left is running scared. They prefer a sanitised media who magnify the achievements of the sainted Obama and ignore his short-comings, for them the height of journalism is Chris Matthews informing his audience of the thrill running up his leg when Obama speaks, or that for a moment there he forgot Obama was black!

  2. SB “His post is all bile, uninformed by any facts.” – I think that would be an accurate description of pretty much any post by you.

    Take this gem “Looks like Obama’s tactic of boycotting Fox failed” somehow trying to say that Obama is left wing. How is Obama left wing?

    “She is also a decent human being” – except when it comes to gays and lesbians.

    “When leftists are confronted by something they don’t understand their reaction is fear and loathing rather than taking pause and trying to work out why it is so.” Coming from somebody that claims the media is controlled by the left, the educations system it controlled by the left, now even the cops are controlled by the left, ALP – Left, Democrats – Left.

    Sounds like your reaction to anything you dont like or understand is to just dismiss them as left, and as such “drooling leftists”.

  3. Splatter nicely summaries the conservative problem. They have this fixation on trying to stake out the ‘ordinary person’ ground, hence the Palin fetish, because by the very nature of conservatism the ‘elites’ and entrenched privilege are the constituency they naturally appeal to.

  4. Hey Jeremy,
    I’m a long time lazy lurker on your blog who comments rarely. However, splatterbottoms blatherings have got me riled up enough to actually bother posting.
    Do you allow him to post so as younger blog readers can investigate the conservative mindset? Otherwise, my vote (on your blog) is to block him. He really hasn’t contributed anything of substance for too long.
    By the way, the tassie premier commenting on Larvatus Prodeo is of interest. I know you read it. (Off topic, but what the hey)
    I’m an IT teacher and Bartlett is an IT professional. I think we need more sciency people in politics (Except Fielding). Lawyers are certainly overrepresented. Wonder what Bartlett’s take on Conroy’s filter is?

  5. Cheers for delurking. Hope more can do that – wordpress registration is pretty quick and painless, isn’t it?

    I think it’s interesting seeing what the other side thinks.

    Got a link for the Tas premier on LP? Do you mean he commented at LP or he commented about LP?

  6. Splatterbottom

    BT, I notice you said absolutely nothing about the post under discussion, although that is hardly surprising, you being just another drooling leftist.

    Nawagadj our society is suffused by leftist cant. It seeps from the sewers of society – the academy, the arts and the mainstream media. Only stunted leftist weeds thrive in this sullied shit. Sadly they contribute little of value to society. We need to open our minds and start questioning their sick beliefs before society sinks into their stinking cesspit. At least there are some still willing to talk truth to power.

  7. Splatterbottom


    splatterbottom’s blatherings have got me riled up enough to actually bother posting.

    That in itself is a good thing!

    One of the good things about this blog is that it encourages open discussion. This is much better than the echo-chamber atmosphere of blogs that censor dissent.

    And Jeremy I’m not the ‘other side’. I merely hold up a mirror to some of the sillier comments made here.

  8. Blast Tyrant

    Jeremy “I think it’s interesting seeing what the other side thinks.”
    I think you’re doing SB a favour by assuming he actually thinks at all before vomiting onto the keyboard.

    At most he’s good for a laugh.

  9. How did I know that SB would be ranting on this post? I just did.

  10. Don’t ban SB Jeremy. He is a wonderful example to the kiddies out there to show what happens when you convert to Catholicism and political nutbaggery.

  11. “At least there are some still willing to talk truth to power.”

    “Some”? Don’t exaggerate, SB. There’s only you. Don’t get me wrong, we’re all very grateful.

  12. Blast Tyrant

    “BT, I notice you said absolutely nothing about the post under discussion”
    Sorry SB, I’ll add to the discussion then.

    Palin is pro discrimination against LGBT people, pro war, and would like to decide what women in the US can and can’t do with their own bodies based on her own fantastical beliefs.

    It’s surprising that despite claiming you’re opposed to discrimmination against LGBT people you love this bigot Palin. Same with Thatcher actually.

    I think for you SB, the main thing Palin has going for her is that the Left don’t like her.
    Which says a lot about how much you really think about politics and they way they actually affect people.

  13. “I think for you SB”

    Somebody’s gotta do it….

  14. Alright, alright. Everybody calm down. No need for abuse of other commenters.

  15. “No need for abuse of other commenters”

    Not even SB? But he loves it!

  16. Splatterbottom

    Blood, I like a good argument with a few colourful epithets thrown in, and I’m certainly happy to take what comes my way. Getting passionate in print is a whole lot better than blood in the streets. A good-natured jibe often adds a little spice to dry political arguments.

  17. Blast Tyrant

    SB “Blood, I like a good argument with a few colourful epithets thrown in”

    Unfortunately most of what SB posts is lose minded rants about wanking and ass humour without any of the good arguments.
    When somebody tries to have a good argument with you, you ignore it, spout some more epithets or question why that argument is relevant to the current topic.

  18. Palin was a popular reformist governor who fought corruption in her party.

    ..from SB’s first comment

    Yes she did.

    Except when it came to awarding building contracts or ripping off taxpayers so that her political mates could line their pockets or helping a corrupt Senator raise funds and maintain power.
    Oh! I nearly forgot. I was so sweet of her to ruin a police officer’s career in order to help her sister in a custody battle.

    Nice heroes you got there, SB.


  19. Splatterbottom

    Marek, I am aware that the left has mounted a massive and spiteful campaign against Palin. During the last presidential campaign, one MSM newspaper admitted to assigning about a dozen reporters to do research on Palin’s background, despite having assigned precisely none to look into Obama’s background.

    The cop you refer to was fired for drinking in his patrol car and tasering his stepson.

    I think Palin has some serious shortcomings, some of which were mentioned by BT above. What I don’t get his the visceral hatred poured down on her from the left. Maybe having her in the limelight is a masterstroke by the GOP. There is no chance that she will be their next presidential candidate. The real contenders like Mit Romney, Rick Perry and Tim Pawlenty are gliding under the radar while the blowtorch is being applied to Palin.

  20. Fox have seen how effective (and easy) it can be to invert reality on the ‘elites’ front.

    The GOP portraying old-Texas-Oil-money, son of of CIA Director and POTUS, George W as the ordinary guy vs. the elitist (working class background) John Kerry was an object lesson in PR spin.

  21. “Blood, I like a good argument with a few colourful epithets thrown in”

    No, you like abusing people you don’t like with a few botty and dick jokes thrown in. You enjoy getting a rise out of people. You’re not much interested in other people’s perspectives, but just love smearing your own all over the internet.

    In another era, when most political discussion took place in bars and other public places, you would have got your head smashed in on a daily basis.

  22. Splatterbottom

    Kerry was much wealthier than Bush, but being a leftist, gave much less to charity. Sadly the MSM didn’t even try to show him up for the gigolo traitor he was.

    The high point of reportage in that campaign was the expose of “Forger Dan” Rather working with the Dems to try to discredit W with forged documents. That demonstrated that the MSM can no longert get away with its usual lies when vigilant bloggers are on the case.

  23. Nasty case of ‘one-eyed’ there Splatter, but great context for your claims that Fox is balanced.

  24. “being a leftist, gave much less to charity”

    Fuck off with your cheap little jibes.

    “The MSM”

    Fuck off with your Right-wing cliches.

    Go and find some real power to talk truth to. If you can remember what truth is – it’s obviously been a while since you had any contact with it.

  25. SB, Yes they did some digging on Palin, but that doesn’t mean what they found is a lie.

    You always say that daylight is the best disinfectant, why, then, do you object to some daylight being shone on Palin’s rank hypocrisy as a corruption crusader?

    Just because one newspaper mounted a campaign against Palin and gave Obama a free pass, doesn’t mean that there has been no scrutiny of him.

    Evey single aspect of his life has been open to speculation from the circumstances of his birth and young life to every single person from whom he ever sat across a table.
    It’s riduclous to infer otherwise.

    BTW, the reason I hated Sarah Palin as a Vice-Presidential candidate was because she was a clueless populist who had no understanding of policy.
    Did you see that Couric interview?

    Talk about a witless wonder!


  26. Splatterbottom

    That isn’t a cheap jibe, it is a fact.

    MSM isn’t a cliche, but is a common way of referring to those powerful media organisations whose reporting, especially as regards the choice of which story to emphasise and which commentators to feature, is usually left of centre. You know who they are.

    Clearly, speaking truth to you is not having much effect. One day you might get it.

  27. Splatterbottom

    Yeah Marek, I saw the Couric interview. It was excruciating. Some of the later ones are not much better, even where she is being soft-balled. This is why she isn’t a serious contender for the GOP nomination. Her best moment was her nomination acceptances speech. Whoever wrote that was a good polemicist.

  28. Actually, all our shock jocks and shock columnists (esp Murdoch’s Minions) behave in much the same way. I will never forget the time when Alan Jones described himself as a battler.

  29. “…being a leftist, gave much less to charity” is a fact. Yeah, right. You know for a fact that Kerry gave less to charity than Bush. You know for a fact that there is a causal link between political leanings and preparedness to give to charity. You know for a fact that all other possible factors have been considered. With facts like those, who needs opinions?

    MSM, as you use it, is a Rightist cliche. It is a lazy catchphrase that encapsulates a hackneyed worldview. Your explanation of it further confirms that.

    No point speaking truth to me, you’re right about that. I’m not Power. You can speak any old shit to me.

  30. both fun blogs to read! i think one is meant to be focused on australian stuff

  31. Must admit I had trouble with wordpress, gmail, firefox, adblock plus and noscript. Some combination of the above stopped me in my tracks. Anyway, way too late here’s the link to Bartlett’s comment on LP (comment no 26)
    There is actually no substance there, Just a few people in the thread interested that it’s evidence that he reads LP.
    It’s so light Im embarassed I even mentioned it now.
    Oh well…..

  32. “both fun blogs to read! i think one is meant to be focused on australian stuff” – karl.

    I actually found this blog via Darryl’s one.

    Its great, and a tiny percentage of what he writes about is actually political. Most of it is just plain interesting.

    Palin’s a fucking joke.

    So is Beck.

    And even the old scatmuncher himself was on Australian TV today saying if there is another OKC bombing type event it’ll be Clinton’s fault. Although he’s conveniently forgotten about the mad Christians who were thinking about killing about a cop then planting IEDs at the funeral to start a revolution against the gangsters in Washington.

    So here’s to Rush the fat feces feasting fuck:

    SB even in your dreams you will never be that offensively funny.

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