I wonder what he thinks ISP stands for

Is it a coincidence that Stephen Timms, the Minister who’s just taken Britons’ online rights away in favour of the copyright racketeers and their demands for control, thinks that their primary focus is in fact the most fundamental aspect of the internet. This minister in charge of the web in the UK thinks the “IP” in “IP address” stands for “intellectual property”:

Stephen thinks the IP in IP address stands for 'intellectual property'
What is it with internet ministers named Stephen?

Stephen’s been spending too much time chatting with his corporate owners, I think.


6 responses to “I wonder what he thinks ISP stands for

  1. damienisbetterthandamian

    I don’t know aobut anyone else, but I think it’s time that governments hire people at least [i]barely[/i] qualified in the field that they need them for.

  2. damienisbetterthandamian

    Damn WordPress and their lack of formatting tags.

  3. IT works with normal html, damien.

  4. Splatterbottom

    What really upsets me is that we are going to have this corporate monopoly rammed down our throats very soon, and both major parties are going to support it. Do the Greens have a policy on this?

  5. I shall follow it up. They’re certainly opposed to the current filter proposal.

  6. unlikely he wrote the letter personally, looks like wording from a legal dept… but funny

    thanks to Timms, we can now track down those “intellectual property” addressses inside the series of tubes…

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