The Herald Sun is really on to something with this:

How can you eat while our beds are burning? (Caption would work better if it was Peter Garrett’s fault somehow)

But these fearless rabble rousers don’t go far enough. Did you know that while she was police commissioner Christine Nixon actually went home at night and slept WHILE CRIMES WERE BEING COMMITTED? That she would sometimes take time out of crime fighting to go to the bathroom? That she wasted precious seconds each day talking to her husband?

Some leader! She shouldn’t just be sacked. She should be shot out of a cannon into the sun. Only then will the bushfire gods be appeased.

UPDATE (9/3): A tip in Friday’s Crikey rumours section suggests a motivation for the News Ltd attack:

Don’t you get it with Christine Nixon? She is the centrepiece, with Janet Calvert Jones, of the Bruce Guthrie versus News Limited case. It is going to court, if Guthrie has his way. They are setting out to destroy her authoritative leadership image before she squeezes into the witness chair. This vilification (such as the photo in The Australian yesterday) will go on for days, if not weeks.

I’m not sure why Christine Nixon’s credibility has anything to do with Bruce Guthrie’s case, but if true that’d be disturbing evidence of how News Ltd is happy to abuse its power for its own gain.

9 responses to “SCAPEGOAT FOUND

  1. I don’t know, this is a difficult one. Yes, in some ways all this hoo-ha about someone ducking off for an hour – on her day off, of all things – to get a bite to eat is ridiculous. BUT, do we expect good – even perfect – judgement from people at the very top of the food-chain?

    What’s that saying, the higher you climb the tree the more your arse is bared?

  2. Wisdom Like Silence

    We have these contact devices, they’re quite prevalent in our society so I’m told, and apparently you can punch in an individual number, and their device makes sounds until you punch more buttons and you can speak to them.


    Considering the actual fucking fire fighters have come out and said she could have been Optimus Prime and she still wouldn’t have been able to do anything at all about the fires at that point is a point that always seems to be lost on these ridiculous human beings (trollumists and Pollies).

  3. Splatterbottom

    If they would have died anyway, why try? Fiddling while the place burns is a time-honoured tradition of the power elite.

    Most likely she was out to dinner getting sauced in preparation for implementing the Barry McKenzie firefighting technique.

    Nixon is just another fucking leftist porker with her snout in the trough, and all the leftist groupies are too gormless to call her on her shortcomings. She has a lot in common with Garrett. Both are useless platitudenous fire fetishists.

  4. blasttyrant

    Ahahahaha. Does SB stand for Splatterbottom by any chance?
    Can you please provide a definition for your new favourite cliche – “power elite”?

    Nixon = Left? um, how?

  5. Why try? Are you seriously trying to say that leaving an hour early when she was still in communication is equivalent to not trying?

    “Nixon is just another fucking leftist porker with her snout in the trough, and all the leftist groupies are too gormless to call her on her shortcomings”

    I’m quite prepared to call anyone on their shortcomings, but I’m not willing to scapegoat someone for ingesting food, for gods sake. I would bet anything that if she’d stayed there and called in takeaway she would have been lambasted for spending tax payers money and the food she’d ordered would have been scrutinized.

    As for Garrat, I’m sad that I have to put you in the same category as Iain Hall and tell you to actually look at the data, SB. I had thought you were a bit more intelligent and more cynical than that, but you’ve clearly just swallowed the sensationalist line on this.

    Read these two pieces and then tell me what you think, SB.


    Don’t believe everything the media shovels into your trough, SB. Look into it before you lap it up.

  6. Splatterbottom

    BT, Nixon was well-known for her PC views here in NSW before Victoria decided to reduce the effectiveness of its police force by putting her in charge, with inevitable (and by now obvious) results.

    Keri, Nixon isn’t being attacked for ingesting food, but for her callous disregard of her responsibilities. Appointing her to head the reconstruction authority is just pissing on the victims.

    If she’d actually stayed at her post during an emergency she may have garnered some respect. She didn’t, and she deserves a good kicking, not promotion.

    The brown-tongued defences of Garrett you linked to don’t even pass the giggle test, even if they are a change from the ‘he only had a small department and he warned Rudd that he did not have the resources to deal with program’ defence wheeled out previously. These two positions are of course entirely inconsistent.

    The numerical gymnastics required to make the case reveal its weakness. 80 odd fires per year from 3m installations previously compared to Garrett’s 120 odd fires from 1m installations in the last year. Pretty straight-forward really.

  7. Wisdom Like Silence

    There it is. What’s important to you rightard fuckwits isn’t precious seconds that may have been lost in a text, or the possible downing of comms.
    You don’t care about lives, property or any of those poor bastards who lost everything that day.

    You care about fucking respect.

    You are a waste of bandwidth, water and oxygen.

  8. SB: Since when does PC = Leftist?
    Exactly what views did she have that make her a leftist?

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