At least we’re not…

I just think it’s a tragedy that the governor of Alabama wasted an opportunity to keep the slag-a-thon going. There are so many places and people he could’ve had a go at.

Stupid rednecks, no imagination at all.

3 responses to “At least we’re not…

  1. “If Darwin landed in Australia…”
    WHAT? He didn’t know about Darwin coming to Australia? I am shocked and disgsted.

    Given that my Dad’s a redneck from a family of 10 pound poms, I actually think Robin Williams has got it about right.

    Speaking of Darwin though, here’s a great example of Rudd’s home state of Queensland being a wellspring of redneckery.—god-or-the-scientists

  2. Oh FFS, have Australians so completely lost their sense of humour?
    So we can take the piss out of everybody but, heavan forfend that somebody should do the same to us.
    Get a life, Kevin!


  3. I agree Marek. What a bloody over reaction!

    I reckon Rudd should take Williams up on the strip club offer in the run up to the federal election.

    It gave him a boost in the polls last time!

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