Seriously, does he whinge about everything?

Why would it be so terrible if we split the post-equinox long weekend between the two weekends in the school holidays? Workers could choose which they took, and services could stay open and functioning. Those who actually like being unable to access any business could still stay home and pretend they’re all shut; and everyone else, who’d like to have the option remain available, could make use of it. Those with specific religious convictions associated with one of the weekends in question could take that one off – those with others, or none, could take another. Seriously, why would this be anything other than an improvement over the status quo?

I understand some people will be celebrating the season of the germanic goddess Eostre this weekend; apparently she was a big opponent of retail convenience.

Happy annual chocolate egg/rabbit exchanging season to you all, anyway. We’re off for a few days at exactly the same time as everybody else so all the holiday destinations are stuffed full rather than have the peak spread sensibly over a fortnight.

Getting away from it all on the open road.

See you when we get back. (Unless I find some random wireless internets in the meantime.)

9 responses to “Seriously, does he whinge about everything?

  1. Wisdom Like Silence

    I’m sure jesus made sure to clear it with your holiday schedule so that you could get the best camp site at what ever national park you people pass off as acceptable for camping.

    No really, I’m sure he did, he cares about us all individually and is omniscient, so why wouldnt he?
    The purportedly magic jew’s gift of a 4 day weekend should be cherished, and accepted, and endured, by all of us.

    If i run out of milk I’m setting the church over the road on fire.

  2. I prefer Freyja ( As a Scandinavian goddess she is obviously hotter and therefore more suitable as a spokesperson for the fertility festival.

    Of course the fact that we are entering Autumn rather than Spring (being in the opposite hemisphere of that in which all these pagan rituals where first devised) should be silently ignored.

  3. damienisbetterthandamian

    Well, I guess it’s gonna be a happy Jesus-is-dead-and-came-back day!

  4. damienisbetterthandamian

    Oh right. Then he died again, didn’t he? :S

  5. Wisdom Like Silence

    i forget what he does after he comes back to life.

    doesnt he levitate a glass of wine with a mountain of goldfish in it or something?

    magic jews had no imagination back then.

  6. I guess the tricky thing is that it could be hard for businesses to ensure that they have enough people on either weekend to ensure they can stay open. Overall it would balance out, but for any particular business (especially small ones or franchises) it could be a worry. I guess if there is a problem they can always put out a call for casuals through March and hire school and uni kids to do the work.

    Really the problem is that we’re apparantly not allowed to just have days off. They have to be nationalistic celebrations, Christian holy days, or horse races, given that the three pillars of Australian society are Homeland, Faith and Gambling.

  7. Eostre is a much later incarnation of the Goddess of fucking, as is Freya.

    If you want to go old school, then you gotta go Astarte.


  8. “If i run out of milk I’m setting the church over the road on fire.”


    Running out of milk? I ran out of BEER ffs.

    I feel more like setting the pope on fire!

  9. Wisdom Like Silence

    Burn them duncan.

    Burn them all.

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