Rudd govt on censorship: we agree with China, not child abuse survivors

The People’s Republic of China and the People’s Republic of Conroy both hate Google so very much!

Stupid aggregator of information we’d like to control.

Google make Senator Conroy VERY ANGRY!

In addition to his fantastically childish swipes at Google, I did like Conroy’s disingenuous defence of the filter on the grounds that what it will ban “includes” bad material. He is obviously aware that the objection is on the grounds that the trials demonstrate that what is blocked is NOT LIMITED TO bad material, and we don’t trust the government to properly distinguish between the two – but you wouldn’t know it to listen to him.

Elsewhere, actual survivors of child abuse campaign against such a filter on the grounds that in the real world it will put more children at risk:

Christian Bahls, a spokesperson for the group, says, “Blocking just hides the problem and actually lowers the police’s incentive to become active. Also, going after the servers means a small chance of catching the people that put it there in the first place. Images of child abuse are outlawed all over the world. There is a global consensus that this imagery is illegal and should not be distributed (see the 193 Interpol members or the 117 signatories to the ‘Optional Protocol to the Convention on the Rights of the Child on the sale of children, child prostitution and child pornography’).”

MOGiS e.V. was formed in Germany in 2009 in order to fight censorship proposals there, and now they are extending their work across the EU, along with other anti-censorship groups, to call for meaningful solutions to the abuse of children and to fight against unworkable, dangerous knee-jerk censorship proposals. Their slogan is “Remove, don’t block! — Act, and don’t look away!”

Wonder how Conroy will attack the child abuse victims when he hears of it.


One response to “Rudd govt on censorship: we agree with China, not child abuse survivors

  1. YES! We love our children here in the United Stastes Of Australia, we have child porn–stolen generation—children overboard—-child abuse in religious welfare,etc-etc.

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