Shh! Don’t tell them how crappy it is!

The commercial media are gleefully provoking a bit of Melbourne-Sydney rivalry in a spat over who will host the Australian Grand Prix. (It’s true, Sydneysiders are “the nation’s blowhards”.)

The important thing is that our northern cousins don’t realise how much having a Grand Prix sucks until after they’ve taken it. Good work, Melbourne, feigning outrage. Keeping a straight face, and pretending it’s not a total waste of public money and space most of us would be glad to be rid of. Sydney will only fight us for something if they think we want it. So… oh no! Please don’t take our Grand Prix! It’s ours because we are so awesome!

One of the best and most worthwhile things our state government has ever squandered sensibly spent vast sums of public money on! We’d be completely shattered if Sydney took it! (snigger)

Heh, heh, heh. Shhhh!

5 responses to “Shh! Don’t tell them how crappy it is!

  1. Wisdom Like Silence

    Victorians and Cockroaches always bugger good things up.

    Have at it you petty, spiteful, money wasters.


  2. I’d rather eat a box of hair than watch cars zooming around the roads, no matter what city the race is in.

  3. Grand pricks galore at that event.

  4. Or a penile theme?

  5. aussieunionist

    okay. finally signed up to WordPress. I’m a little annoyed you must have a WordPress account but Blogspot allows people to use WordPress user details, and others. Why is there no reciprocity?! Not blaming you Jeremy.

    Anyway, I digress. Grand prix is soooooooooooo boring!

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