What doesn’t kill us can only make us stronger/mildly inconvenienced

We’ve had a troll infestation lately. I know perfectly well who it is, the spiteful jerk, but with the infinite variety of anonymous IPs out there, there’s no way to have a completely open comment system and keep him out by banning IPs.

So there are two choices: full moderation (which would pretty much ruin the commenting flow entirely) or making everyone register with WordPress to comment.

I’m going to go with the latter. It shouldn’t be a particularly onerous requirement, and it does mean that trolls will really have their work cut out for them. Let’s see how that goes for a while.

14 responses to “What doesn’t kill us can only make us stronger/mildly inconvenienced

  1. Wisdom Like Silence

    You and your, your…wanting no trolls and what not. I lost Northern Exposure. How will people know I flash people in the north? I will have to tell them explicitly now.

    Actually, that could work.

  2. I wondered why i couldn’t log in..

    You can actually change the name that appears on your comments too NE (If that really is you :P. ) MY username at wordpress is something different, but my posts always appear under the name jules.

  3. Really Jeremy I’m surprised that you have not done this already. Now can you please take me out of the moderation filter?

  4. We’ll see, Iain. Keep in mind that I’ve had to shut down your spamming threads in the past – don’t start doing that again here.

    Glad to hear that, Jules – it’s going to be confusing if everyone suddenly starts using a new pseudonym!

  5. Testing, testing.

    Trolls tickle tumescent testicles…

    Seems to all be in order.

  6. confessions1976

    Well that took a whole hour to register! I’ve had to slightly modify my screen name, and wasn’t able to use any of my email addresses – had to use a throw away email address I haven’t used for years as it said my normal gmail account was already in use. Who else would be using my email address?

  7. That seems odd, confessions1976 – couldn’t you just get WordPress to send a new password to the email address you’ve been using here until now?

  8. Oh, doesn’t work.

    Jules: how do you make your screen name different from your sign in name?

  9. Oh look I think I worked it out.

    Jeremy: no. It just said “email address already in use”. I’ve even tried to change it now the accoutn is created, but it still won’t let me.

  10. I think you’ve figured it out. By the way, if you really are the same confessions as before, please email me from the email address you used to give so I can confirm. You know how tricky the troll’s been.

    EDIT: Definitely our confessions.

  11. Spamming? 🙄
    Look if you tell me enough or that you don’t want me to keep arguing the toss I will respect that, just as I do now.

  12. “Iain Hall?” “Respect?”

    Used in the same sentence? Well I’ll be….

  13. Ah!! Much better since you’ve had the place fumigated.


  14. phyllis5tein

    Bloody Hell! Now I’m a number plate.

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