They said we’d never make it

And, for a long time, they were right. From extremely humble beginnings, we slowly climbed the ladder, until tonight GLORY WAS FINALLY ACHIEVED:

We took that bottom division and made it our own.

I’m so proud I could cry/spam twitter about it.

11 responses to “They said we’d never make it

  1. almostalwayswrong

    Make sure you don’t let those big guys that actually won it find you mate. You must have Ninja’d faster that you have ever Ninja’d before.

  2. Congratulations Jeremy, does this mean automatic team promotion for next year ?

  3. Well, there are no more mountains to conquer in division 9.

  4. Good one.

    Congrats to you all.

    I don’t even know if my team will field a side this year. We find out tomorrow at the inaurial Nimbin Demons Lightning Challenge or Premiership or whatever its actually called.

    We (Nimbin) are hosting the carnival in a (probably vain) attempt to generate a bit of interest (and to poach back some players).

    Its gonna be embarassing if we put on a shit hot show for the day but don’t actually have a side in the comp.

  5. You’ll have to raise your salary cap to keep your marquis players for next season then Jeremy 🙂

  6. I think they’ve earned a 50% pay rise, yes.

    PS Nobody’s looked closely at the cup yet.

  7. “PS Nobody’s looked closely at the cup yet.”

    I must be even slower than I normally am today Jeremy, it looks alright to me — please give me a hint….

  8. If you click on it and get the expanded version, you can see something in the reflection.

  9. Hah, I see — sorry, not wearing my glasses so the reflection looks a little blurry — now you’ve given away the secret to your success…Those cat-like reflexes 🙂

  10. Just testing with this post Jeremy, hope you don’t mind — confessions told me how to change back to my old name…

  11. phyllis5tein

    Is spam/twitter a “spitter”?

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