Our own health debate

As a kid growing up in country Queensland.
Pink batts.
Working families.
School halls.
Ending the blame game.
Great big new bureaucracy.

dc al coda.

I wish a third party had been allowed to attend.

14 responses to “Our own health debate

  1. Returned Man

    Life was so much simpler with Joh in charge.

  2. The real problem is they had journos asking the questions when they should of had health professionals and people who understand the problems and priorities of health reform.

  3. It’s a way of making us feel like the politicians have been held to the flame on our behalf, without actually giving us an actual say.

  4. Jeremy: are you watching Insight at the moment? Very interesting view inside voters heads. Scary actually.

  5. You’re not kidding about “Insight” being scary, Confessions.
    The lack of understanding exhibited by what appeared to be the bulk of the participants was breathtaking.
    I guess it showed that, whether you like it or not, there is little opportunity for the debate ever to get up off the floor.

  6. [geek hat]

    I think you mean “dc al fine” as you have not included a coda.

    [/geek hat]

  7. I am a trade unionist, but even I tire of hearing about “working families”. It’s such a conservative, overused (almost populist) line.

  8. “I think you mean “dc al fine” as you have not included a coda.”

    I was kind of thinking the coda was to come, but dc al fine would probably have worked better, yes.

  9. Let’s say a third party DID show up.

    I’m against the Internet Filter. Which party is pledging to stop it?

  10. The Liberals haven’t ruled out voting against Conroy’s Great Big Internet Filter on Everything. If they do then the proposed legislation is sunk.

  11. The Greens have been leading the fight against Conroy’s.

  12. Could’ve swore a comment was made about what I said…

  13. Aussie Unionist: It was someone pretending to be me.

  14. usesomesanity

    The Greens should be involved in all debates, as they will hold this countries balance of power.

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