If they were to use reverse psychology, I’d be stuffed

Yesterday’s post about countering Catch The Fire Ministries’ latest outrage raised an interesting question, highlighted in the title – are there any entities out there whose support or opposition for a policy or side of an issue practically without exception tells you straight away whether you’ll support it or not?

The following are groups whose support (or opposition) to something pretty much guarantees that I’ll be a firm advocate for the opposite side:

  • Catch The Fire Ministries;
  • the “Australian Christian Lobby”*;
  • the “Australian Family Association”*;
  • the banks;
  • the insurance industry;
  • the health insurance industry;
  • the real estate industry;
  • employers’ lobby groups;
  • corporate copyright lobby groups

Whatever they’re for will be undoubtedly something vicious I’ll hate; whatever they’re against will without exception be something that deserves my vigorous support.

It’s a handy guide when you’re in a hurry. Hell, any political party that undertook to do exactly the opposite of whatever those groups want would probably get my vote. (And any political party that these groups spend time and effort attacking is immediately ranked higher and higher on my ballot paper.)

What’s on your list?

*Somebody really needs to set up a Family Association of Australia to advocate for families that aren’t rightwing nutbags, and a Christianity Lobby of Australia to advocate for Christians who aren’t ridiculous rightwing bigots. I’m sick of families and Christians being smeared by these unrepresentative fanatics taking their names in vain.

UPDATE 28/3: How did I forget the land rats? Real estate industry added to the above list.

12 responses to “If they were to use reverse psychology, I’d be stuffed

  1. * News Limited

  2. The far right

  3. From where I’m sitting the far right constitutes the trollumnist and everyone to the right of him.

  4. any ideas that come out of:

    the Institute of Public affairs,
    the Centre for Independent Studies,
    or Quadrant

    usually arent going to be in my favor, as a penniless peon

  5. I second your list Jeremy, and would add the Australian Minerals Council, Police Union & HR Nicholls Society.

  6. Don’t know about the Police Union – when they’re advocating for decent pay and conditions for police members, I’ve no problem with them at all.

  7. Fair enough, but most times you read about them is when they are out defending their members right to split the liver of aboriginal people in custody or lecturing us on how important it is that coppers can high speed chase offenders into oncoming traffic.

  8. Northern Exposure

    On a side note, the Republicans have been dragged, kicking and screaming abuse by the Democrats into a new horrorscape of social healthcare.

  9. You and most of your correspondents do it for me Jeremy 😉

  10. I would have said every time I see Bobby Brown on TV. I just wait for the simplistic, lack of consideration of all sides of the issue, tirade against whoever is in his sights. Siding with the Sea Sheapard pirates against the Japanese whalers carrying out their legal (although to me distasteful) whaling activities without any consideration about the Japanese point of view or international law. Classic stuff.

  11. “Legal”? Only if you consider cutting up endangered whales and selling them in fish shops to be “research”.

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