A promise – no mention of celebrity private lives on this blog

Even though using certain words beginning with L and B and C might increase website “hits”.

Lara, Victoria

A motor vehicle bingle

John Clarke at the cricket

I am ashamed that if someone mentions a particular town near Geelong, or a common cause of legal dispute, or one of Australia’s greatest comedians (f*ck off New Zealand, he’s ours now), I now can’t help but think of an unrelated other incident involving people’s private lives that is really none of my business. I don’t WANT to think of it. It’s like getting an appalling song stuck in your head.

And this is the thing – I haven’t been clicking on, and therefore encouraging, media stories about it and yet vague and probably inaccurate details have still snuck in by osmosis. And now all I can see when I hear those names is people in dark sunglasses trying to escape from parasites with flashbulbs. I’m the real victim here. Where’s the sympathy for ME?

2 responses to “A promise – no mention of celebrity private lives on this blog

  1. Be reasonable Jeremy. Don’t discourage the proles from enjoying the public circus of the rich and famous. How are these pampered celebrities supposed to maintain their swanky lifestyles if they can’t get a few hundred thousand for an exclusive tell-all interview? Next thing you know the car yards will be full of used Aston Martins. Fame is money. Who are you deny celebrities the fruits of their labour?

  2. Returned Man

    Did everyone know that John Clarke played the voice of “Wal” in the Footrot Flats movie? An utter genius!

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