As for gay people driving trucks…

Tony Abbott on gay people who want equality:

LIZ HAYES: Homosexuality? How do you feel about that?

TONY ABBOTT: I’d probably I feel a bit threatened…

LIZ HAYES: I’m not asking if it’s a personal choice of yours.

TONY ABBOTT: so many people.

LIZ HAYES: When you say ‘threatened’?

TONY ABBOTT: Again, Liz, look, it’s a fact of life and I try to treat people as people and not put them in pigeonholes.

They are pretty scary. I understand some of them are NINJAS.

Some even drive trucks.

ELSEWHERE: A year after defending Carrie Prejean’s bigotry and some time after cynically trying to mix up polygamy and gay marriage, Andrew Bolt finds himself expressing surprise at Abbott’s comments. Leading his first commenter to exclaim:

And you call yourself a “conservative”!!!!!!!

16 responses to “As for gay people driving trucks…

  1. Bolt probably always knews subconsiously that saying there was something wrong with non-heterosexuality was silly…. he just didn’t want to admit it and thus concocted that insane ‘gay marriage= polygamy’ theory.

  2. I don’t get the “threatened” statement. Does he really mean that? What is the threat?

  3. I think he’s afraid he’ll catch it, SB.

  4. How refreshing it would have been if Tony Abbott, or any other politician for that matter, said in reply to that question: ‘Gay people can be good, bad, boring, just like straight people’. If that happened I might start listening to politicians again.

  5. Northern Exposure

    Because gay people are animals, like llamas. They think of nothing else than sex, drapes and fine wine.

    The horror…the fabulous…

  6. And they are all pedophiles too, don’t forget that. But what is Bolt’s cultural thing all about? He enjoyed a gay singer? I watched a few Rock Hudson / Doris Day movies, but I didn’t catch it.

  7. Keri, I think Abbott is worried that some big ole queen is going to try to smuggle his budgies.

    “Threatened” is a strange way to put it, almost like playing the victim, as though it is he that has suffered years of discrimination, police harassment and public contempt.

  8. Please understand that anti-gay people don’t see homosexuality as just a flipped-around version of heterosexuality. To them, homosexual sex is perverse and predatory, by definition, with none of the emotional component that characterises “real” (i.e. heterosexual) relationships.

  9. confessions

    So will Abbott’s maternity leave proposal extend to same sex couples with a new baby?

  10. Confessions, I’ll eat my Kylie Minogue CDs if he does that.

  11. Has anyone let Tony know that some of Teh Straights go back door too?

  12. God Keri, he has enough on his plate with trying to keep his back to the wall while he’s with teh poofs, don’t confuse the man

  13. Invariably in any discussion of TEH GAYS it all comes down to people’s squeamishness about anal sex.

    Two points: 1) many gay male couples do not have anal sex anyway and 2) lesbians actually do exist as well.

    Given that many heteroseuxal men fantasize about lesbian sex, it hardly follows that this is what they object to about gay women.

    Even if you want to talk about child sexual abuse, the statistics just don’t back up the rhetoric; far and away the majority of perpetrators of child sexual abuse are heterosexual men. In fact, the number of abusers is way out of proportion with their numbers in society; heterosexual men constitute only 45% of the total population but are 95% of sexual abusers.

    And before someone jumps on me and talks about abuse of boys in state care, churches, scouts etc, far and away the majority of these perpetrators do not identify as being gay, despite the nature of the abuse they have perpetrated. Given that sexual identity is a personal thing, one can only take the person’s own assessment of their sexuality for what they say it is.

  14. Federal Opposition leader Tony Abbott has defended comments he made about homosexuality on 60 Minutes, saying gays and lesbians “challenge” the order of things.

    FFS, the stupid keeps on keeping on.

  15. Abbotts comments on homosexuality are the opposite, to the UK Conservative party. They have issued a list of their twenty open gay MP’s, to the Mail on Sunday UK.

  16. Bob Brown: “Go Tony. It’s a good policy, he deserves a big pat on the back.”


    Abbott is sh1tt1n himself!

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