More spite from the natural world

Some think you’ll blame climate change. Others think perhaps it’s secret weather machines being tested BY TEH GOVERNMENT. What’s YOUR explanation for Melbourne’s recent flood of torrential downpours?

I’m going with intense low pressure systems generating strong winds because of tight pressure gradients surrounding their respective centres, combined with relatively small-scale convective processes developing whenever warm, humid air near the ground receives an initial upward push from converging surface winds and rises quickly in an unstable atmosphere.

Frankly, I don’t know why we put up with it.


I probably should’ve included this video that’s been spreading around since the afternoon:

14 responses to “More spite from the natural world

  1. We got some good rain in Qld too. The monsoon trough has moved south again bringing all this February rain that used to be a regular feature. I can’t recall this happening since 1995. I wonder if it will happen again next year?

  2. Northern Exposure

    Out my way we had hailstones the size of golfballs.

    All the trees are shredded and my neighbour down the street had a shed window broken.

    It appears it was much worse in the city.

  3. It’s because of all those atheists coming to town. God’s getting in some non-specific pre-revenge, with a large helping of collateral damage.

  4. You know what it probably is? My political opponents’ fault somehow.

  5. Its divine retribution Jeremy, you lot down there have to make suitable supplications to the deity who is clearly not happy with the quality or quantity of sacrifice s that you have been making of late.

  6. The God that doesn’t exist is getting really shitty at the increasing ugliness of Australian cities.

  7. Actually I think Melbourne could do with a permanent raging torrent running through it. Add stepping stones and a few ferns and it’d be quite the drawcard.

  8. We need a total rethink on how we build cities.

    Melbourne should have never been built in it’s current location. Only six or so kilometers from the bay, the CBD should have actually be around Glen Waverley.

    Urban planning fail.

  9. Melbourne gets storms like this every few years. But this is no where near as big as the storm we got back in 1972

    Also I remember the storm we got back in oct or Nov 2004 was bigger.

  10. It didn’t rain.
    There was no statistically significant rain.
    It always rains in Melbourne.
    Melbourne is actually getting drier, not wetter.
    The Rainists want to take away the economy and form a world socialist government, and you are blindly falling for their lies.

  11. Since 5pm yesterday, Melbourne rainfall has DROPPED considerably. Clearly, those complaining about increased rainfall this week are distorting the figures.

  12. According to wikipedia, when they invented golf they had long drawn out negotiations about what size the ball should be and ultimately agreed the perfect size was equal to a hailstone.

  13. There’s a strong connection between this storm and Tony Abbott’s outback trip. If not, he’ll bring himself into it no doubt.

  14. It’s the great flood! I blame society’s tolerance for abortion.

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