It would be funny if his half-arsed folksy populism came back to bite him

I thought it was a bit odd yesterday that the Prime Minister was suggesting that bullying could be tackled by parents of victims simply having it out with the parents of bullies – and, lo and behold, News Ltd has found some “experts” more than happy to slam him for the notion:

Experts yesterday slammed as simplistic Mr Rudd’s suggestion that parents take direct action if a school could not deal with the bullying and warned it could lead to vigilantism.

But many parents yesterday backed Mr Rudd’s commonsense approach to the problem.

Oh, alright, he might well know exactly what he’s doing. He’s just pandering, and the disapprobation of non-parents will only help his cause. Dammit, why does appealing to the lowest common denominator never seriously hurt an Australian politician?

Oh, and News Ltd? One psychologist (particularly that rent-a-quote Carr-Gregg) does not equal “experts”.

18 responses to “It would be funny if his half-arsed folksy populism came back to bite him

  1. It’s often the best course to talk to people. A lot can be worked out that way. So yes, I agree with Kevvy on this.

  2. confessions

    From the article the psychologist suggests parents should go to the Education Dept if the school won’t act. Obviously he’s never tried to engage a bureaucracy, much less get it to do something.

  3. Northern Exposure

    Because the lowest common denomination makes up 80% of the population Jeremy.

    If it didn’t, do you really think that the Liberals or Labor would ever be re-elected? Or the Greens would be polling in the professional hockey score numbers? Or shows like ACA, TT, wouldn’t fall flat on their arse?

    Folksy populism works because this country puts everything in the Too Hard box, from racism to water management, and good people are shunned from politics, and we’re always surprised that our pollies choke on nearly everything from arsehole to breakfast?

    One saturday every other year we have the opportunity to change this, but because people in this country are so fucking backwards when it comes to elections, thinking it’s a huge fucking tax on them to get out of the house for 45 mins, instead of evaluating the performance of the incumbent in their seat, and the incumbent govt and voting for the people/party who shares their ideals, their hopes and their dreams.

    It’s such a fucking shame because in every party, liberal, labor, greens, country, there are intelligent, thoughtful people who are shoved to the backbench because the front benchers know they can get away with it because this country doesn’t give a a flying nuns fuck about what the parties do, unless its sordid and dirty, and they hate those of us who do.

    There needs to be a big, huge, tremendous shake up of how this country thinks about politics, and unless it happens soon, we’ll be getting into the meaty part of the 21st century with leaders whos heads are so far up their arse it’s still 1980.

  4. confessions

    You are spot on Northern Exposure.

    Well said.

  5. Ongoing bullying has the capacity to ruin a child’s academic performance.
    It certainly ruins that child’s possibility of getting any kind of enjoyment from the education process.

    In many cases it can lead to self-esteem issues, anxiety, depression and, even, suicide.

    It’s usually sometime, and some damage done, before serious bullying is reported, although much good effort has been made in highlighting the need for “zero tolerance” on the issue.

    I’ve seen two beautiful young girls (8 and 10 years) have their young lives ruined by bullies.

    By the time the bullying was identified and the school had ‘monitered the situation’ and ‘developed a conflict resolution strategy’, more than three months had passed.

    Three months is a lifetime to a ten year old.
    In that time we saw a collapse of academic acheivement, stress-related difficulties between parent and child, one child who dropped out of netball and gained 8 kilos (!) in two months and a general loss of confidence and increase of anxiety.

    In both cases it took more than six months of hard work and one child having to move schools to get things back on track.

    I’ll let other parents make their own decisions, but I can tell you that there is no way in hell I’m going to let my daughter’s young life be ruined in deference to a ‘fair and considered process’ by people ‘trained in conflict resolution’.

    Naw! Sorry. When it comes to the immediate protection of my daughter, I’m neither fair nor considered.


  6. Idiot troll pretending to be Marek for god knows what reason

    I should add that at the time my wife and I had seperated.


  7. Seperation from your partner is never easy.

    The effect on children varies.

    Good on you for being honest MB.

    All the best with the difficult times ahead.

  8. RobJ impersonator

    “Oh, and News Ltd? One psychologist (particularly that rent-a-quote Carr-Gregg) does not equal “experts”.”


    Dial a quote. Press 6 for condemation, Press 7 for agreement.

    Funny stuff!

  9. RobJ impersonator

    Press 24305843050258041 for a genuine opinion!!!!!

    ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!!

  10. Bullying is a serious problem, no doubt about it. But it shouldn’t be only the kids with proactive parents who are looked after – the schools have a real responsibility to make sure kids have real protection from bullies.

  11. Troll pretending to be confessions

    Some really simple strategies.

    I dont know how effective they are but we need to create a culture where bullying is quickly identified and dealt with.

    Don’t try to deal with the problem on your own – there is nothing wrong in asking for help.
    Don’t hit the bullies – you might end up being accused of bullying yourself.
    Always tell the truth about what happened. Don’t exaggerate. If a small part of what you say is shown to be untrue then it throws everything else into doubt.
    Don’t believe the lies that the bullies tell about you.
    Don’t hide what happened from the adults you trust. Keeping things secret is a bully’s biggest weapon against you. That is why a bully will go to so much trouble to keep you from telling.

  12. Hmmm, I never made those posts above???? Adifferent RobJ

  13. Weird. I’ve marked it accordingly.

    Our troll obviously got sick of impersonating confessions.

  14. Jeremy, you’ve got a troll.
    That second comment under my name is not from me.
    My wife and I just celebrated our 22nd wedding anniversary and decided to try it for another year. 😉

    Nevertheless, thanks for the kind words, Confessions.

    Cheers (with a capital C)

  15. BTW, I should add that the young girls I spoke of are friends of our family.
    My own daughter is made of some pretty sturdy stuff and doesn’t suffer fools gladly.
    Until now there have been no serious issues, though I am dreading High School.


  16. confessions

    Jeremy: that’s not me above either. This comment is only my second on this thread, the first being after Chris Grealy @ 1.

  17. Northern Exposure

    I am me. I’m obviously not worthy of being used by trolls 😦

  18. NE after your comment at 0150, I thought you were trying to troll as an elitest, intellectual lefty. Because you certainly came across as one.

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