Probably isn’t helped by stopping to write a post about it

Quick question: you know that phenomenon when you’re in a rush and everything around you decides to take longer than usual, when every object insists on falling over or refusing to work – when physics itself has turned against you? There should be a word for that. Any ideas?

24 responses to “Probably isn’t helped by stopping to write a post about it

  1. Déjà poo ?

  2. (cause you know what you’re going to step in as soon as you walk out the door…)

  3. “Morning”

  4. Paranoia?

  5. Murphy’s Law?

  6. koskyitis?

  7. I always thought the word was FUUUUUCK!

  8. or to get it out of moderation, FEEECK!

  9. Okay, that didn’t work either. Oh well, you get the idea, Jeremy 😉

  10. “a learning experience”

  11. “Life”

  12. philip travers


  13. phyllis.stein

    “Praeparer insufficientia” *

    * Asterix also suffered from this.

  14. Dislacktion.
    Ad infitum, ad nauseum, ad thingitum.

  15. FML?

  16. “Don’t turn the computer on first thing in the morning because you know it’ll make you late”

  17. Serenfloppity.

  18. “Embuggeration”

  19. Entropy – personal entropy.

  20. Yak Shaving

  21. Monday.

  22. Fire overrun?

  23. Whatever it is you have to be careful not to get to the point of cascaditis. That is really really bad.

    Cascaditis warps the laws of physics so much the entire universe goes pear shaped.

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