ACTA – parasites working in secret (seriously) with governments to further change copyright laws in their favour

At a time when it is becoming increasingly obvious that the copyright lobby that claims to serve creators actually serves no-one but its parasitical self – check out this story in The Australian today about how the Copyright Agency Limited gives itself more of what it takes than it gives to authors – there’s only one thing that can be said about any politician or government that signs us up to a corrupt corporate undemocratic anti-creativity treaty like ACTA – they represent corporate interests, not those of the public. Consider the details that were leaked – (they had to be leaked: we’re not entitled to know about this stuff until its too late, in the mindset of the people behind ACTA) today:

To avoid being sued by a record company or Hollywood studio for illegally distributing copyright-protected content, the ISP would have to prove that it took action to prevent the copyright abuse, according to the text, and in a footnote gives an example of the sort of policy ISPs would need to adopt to avoid being sued by content owners:

“An example of such a policy is providing for the termination in appropriate circumstances of subscriptions and accounts in the service provider’s system or network of repeat offenders,” the text states.

Just like France – and they are not stopping there.

Of course ACTA will be extreme and unbalanced – only one side of the issue is represented. Politicians, who are supposed to be representing the public, get loudly and continually lobbied by the corporate copyright industry, until they can no longer remember why copyright terms shouldn’t be indefinite, why copyright infringement shouldn’t be considered one of the most serious crimes, why there should be fair use provisions or, in summary, why the public shouldn’t just give the IP barons everything they demand. One side of the argument has vast reserves of money – remember, every time you buy a DVD or a CD from a member of these multinationals you are contributing to their warchest – and the other just has common sense and a commitment to fairness on its side. You can guess which is heard more by the politicians.

The Minister representing Australia in this travesty is Simon Crean. I’ve sent him some questions. Feel free to let him know your views, too.

(Via LGWS.)

5 responses to “ACTA – parasites working in secret (seriously) with governments to further change copyright laws in their favour

  1. Are “Parisites” people who live in Paris?

  2. I don’t know what you’re talking about and no the typo is not still in the post URL and let’s never speak of this again.

  3. You pay less of a fine for tormenting a girl into suicide than you are fined if caught downloading one song ($80,000 per song – Jun 19 2009), or 1.7 Million for that aussie kid that uploaded that Mario game to the internet.

  4. It was “1.6 million” and should be in quotes because it’s a bullshit figure Nintendo and he agreed to – they weren’t “awarded it by the court” for, well, ask yourself: what would make him sign up to such a settlement other than them agreeing that he would only have to actually pay a tiny part of it.

    I’d put good money that the settlement was – you pay us $1.5 million, you pay our legal fees, you’ll be all contrite and tell everyone about how well we got you, payment on the first part permanently stayed unless you breach the terms of this agreement.

  5. i bet that email address has an autoreply and then goes straight to deleted items folder

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