Oi! You dented my horse!

Film of London in 1903, featuring horse and cart traffic jams, via How To Be A Retronaut. (They’ve got pages of this awesome stuff, including a 1927 tour of London in colour.)

At 3:55, something spells doom for the scene.

I don’t usually do this sort of link post, but it’s Sunday, and HTBAR is worth adding to your RSS reader. (Another two consistently amazing photo sites worth checking out, if you haven’t seen them before, are English Russia and Dark Roasted Blend.)

UPDATE: Bonus question, via the latter – in this photograph of Ronald Reagan’s visit to Moscow in 1988, which current leader of Russia is standing to the left pretending to be a tourist?

2 responses to “Oi! You dented my horse!

  1. Article written by a dead guy:


    Then he was given Polonium by Bruce Ivins or something…

  2. great photos, thanks

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