Covering up for dodgy restaurants

It’s always struck me as ridiculous that information about which restaurants have failed recent health inspections is suppressed in Victoria. We name and shame people convicted of criminal offences – isn’t it even more important that we know which businesses are happy to put our health in danger?

Brisbane City Council is at least introducing such a scheme, although it’s only voluntary. It’s ridiculous that there’s not even a proposal to do that here.

Seriously, why should authorities be covering up for dodgy eateries?

5 responses to “Covering up for dodgy restaurants

  1. Unfortunately, ‘Murdoch’s Law’ applies, (ie: “he who quotes a Murdoch source in any argument is disqualified).

    A system set in concrete and enforced might be that the outlet has to display (prominently along with all the usual certificates etc..) a notice citing the failure, the remedy and certification of compliance after the ‘offence’ for, say, 30 days.

    The Murdoch press are demonstrably bad. When you read anything in it always assume the opposite is the truth and you’ll hardly ever go wrong.

    If you look into the detail it’s unlikely to help the consumer but looks like a lovely bat to be used on those who bother the people weilding the bat. “Nice little joint you got here. It would be terrible to see anything nasty happen to it…”

    Don’t know whether it will apply to the M or KFC but even so, who has the big bux to spend on remedial advertising after an adverse story? And, who would they spend that money with to reach the adversely affected audience?

    Sure, name them but make sure it can’t be abused.

  2. I have been pursuing this aim for over a year, but state government secrecy and indifference and local government stupidity make it impossible to achieve anything. See

  3. To the best of my knowledge NSW have had such a “name and Shame” system since early 2009.

    The site is not very friendly but at least the information is there and available.

    I also cannot understand why the Victorian Govt. or local councils do not “publish” the information

  4. Northern Exposure

    Speaking of stupid, irresponsible laws, GripnGrin Tony says he’s against the death penalty but were it ever to come up, should he win the next election, he would put it to a concience vote, because there’s a difference between a person murdering another, and a person murdering a thousand people.

    Does he know something we don’t? Why isn’t he expelling lukewarm middle of the road stuff?

  5. Wait, uhm. What? You’re having WHAT suppressed?

    To put this in perspective, I have an iPhone app that not only takes this list of health inspection failure notices from here in NSW and makes it easily viewable, but POINTS THEM OUT on google maps, and can even inform you as to which ones are within 1km of you at any given point.

    I use it quite regularly. If I’m looking for food locally, it’s one of the first things I check. Just in case.

    It gives specifics, too. Not just a red mark. I can look something up and see if it failed a single “didn’t have X washbasins within a Y square area, only X-1” check… or if it was a collection of much more serious offenses.

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