Stephen Conroy puts his filter in context

Stephen Conroy, writing in today’s Crikey:

Keane’s speculation of whether Google will comply with the laws of the Australian Government is interesting, however it should be noted that Google has operated within the Chinese regime for many years. It also abides by the laws in Thailand requiring it to filter from its search results any criticism of the Thai king…

The filter will be fine because Google is quite capable of adapting to repressive censorship regimes like the one Conroy is proposing.

Well, I’m sold.

8 responses to “Stephen Conroy puts his filter in context

  1. Unfuckingbelievable! Who can possibly defend this?

  2. Ditto, confessions.

  3. I commented on Jeremy’s other post about this yesterday that the only media outlet in this country doing any kind of investigative reporting about the Fundie Filter is Crikey. And today Jeremy’s blog shows the mindless idiocy that the rest of the MSM focuses on.

    Today Tonight give 5 minutes of their show (primetime show) to a confected non-story of a supposed hoon driver commiting crimes against humanity who was in fact nothing of the sort. Yet actual incursions into Australians’ freedom go unacknowledged and unreported.

    Imagine what could be achieved if TT had reported this instead of their non story?

  4. Northern Exposure

    It was ACA not TT. Though the difference between the two is practically non-existant.

    God i hope those kids get up Rudd next monday on qanda over this filter. and the r+18 rating for video games.

  5. As much as I am all for an R18 rating for video games (and loathe the ridiculously contradictory argument that we can’t allow it because it will allow kids to more easily get the games), teh filter is a much, much, much bigger issue.

  6. They’re are the same thing, God bothering Right wing ALP MP’s restricting our freedom to “protect the kiddies”.

  7. There is still no mention of Keane’s findings or the minister’s response in any of the MSM that I can unearth.

    On any other issue a Labor government invoking the repressive Chinese communist regime in defence of its proposed legislation would have the Abbottariat at News Ltd performing triple pike with cartwheel all across the intertubes. It is simply mystifying that the only media outlet in the country reporting this is independant outlet Crikey, and the blogosphere.

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