SA poll: after voting 1 Greens, how do you preference between the two appalling majors?

I have a mate, a progressive mate, who lives in South Australia. He’s been outraged by the Rann government’s efforts to gag political debate, change electoral advertising laws to make it harder for small parties, and – of course – the efforts of the state Attorney-General Michael Atkinson to block a sensible R18 rating for interactive media nationwide, no matter how many 15 year olds treated as adults are put at risk by his arrogant intransigence on the issue.

Obviously, like many progressive South Australians, my mate will be voting first for the Greens, and any other progressive smaller parties, before his vote goes anywhere near the majors. And, at the moment, based on the above issues, he hates the state ALP more than he can remember hating the state Liberals. He’s pretty much decided to put the ALP below the Liberals, in fact.

So – ALP suppporters, here’s your chance. Give my friend some reason, any reason, to be more scared of the Liberals than he is angry with the ALP. In what specific way would they actually be worse than the ALP getting away with all this crap indefinitely?

UPDATE: Atkinson’s been forced to back down on the internet gag law. Maybe. No progress on the other fronts, though.

UPDATE #2: After denying that he had the power to immediately suspend the law, as advised by the shadow A-G, a couple of hours later Atkinson thanked her and a greed he had those powers. The state’s ATTORNEY GENERAL doesn’t know what his powers are without asking the Opposition.

34 responses to “SA poll: after voting 1 Greens, how do you preference between the two appalling majors?

  1. All I can contribute to the discussion is that I feel the same way about the 2011 NSW State elections.

  2. It’s moments like these I like optional preferential voting.

  3. The only difference between Labor and Liberals is that the Liberals make no bones that they are pricks (border protection etc) Labor on the other hand say one thing but act just like the Liberals. I guess the Liberalss are less dishonest.

    They make me sick but so do the idiots who vote Labor because they for some stupid reason believe that Labor is left of centre. (Millions to the richest schools!)

    Vote 1 Green – then think a bit about the rest of the candidates. Remember you’re voting for a party not an individual, eg No doubt people voted for Garrett because of his so called Green credentials, the reality being he does what Rudd/Labour tells him. Even when it comes to uranium mining.

  4. It depends a bit on your friend’s seat. His protest vote may mean very little if it’s safe. An ALP that has been re-elected via Greens preferences would still, grave faults notwithstanding, almost certainly be preferable to a Coalition government.

  5. The Greens in SA supported Atkinson’s gag on political debate. After Hamilton in Higgins, nothing they do surprises me. They might seem better than the others, but are they really?

  6. @Bill: from what everyone’s saying, Labor described one thing in parliament, and submitted another.

  7. “he hates the state ALP more than he can remember hating the state Liberals. He’s pretty much decided to put the ALP below the Liberals, in fact.”
    I thought you were describing me for a moment there Jeremy and its far from obvious at this stage that I’ll be voting Green. Considering we are only about 5 weeks out from the election, things have been relatively quiet.

  8. As an Adelaide voter, I have to say that Labor in this state is the fucking pits. The only state government I detested more was the Bjelke-Petersen regime. How I long for the days of Donny Dunstan.

    This latest outrage by Atkinson was enough to make me think about voting Liberal in the lower house, something I have never done, or even contemplated doing, before. I was even thinking of helping the opposition in the seat of the appalling Atkinson. Phew! Things have to be pretty grim for me to consider such a thing.

    By the way, a voter can put a 1 in the box of the candidate of their choice, then put 2’s in all the other boxes. As far as I know, this is a valid vote because preferences are indicated, (although they cannot be distributed.)

  9. To clarify, by “relatively quiet” I meant from other parties apart from Labor. Of course Labor have been making arrogant arsehats of themselves on a daily basis.

  10. The only reason I can think of for voting Labor rather than Liberal in SA is that the former appear to be more competent, (although this is not saying much.) But incumbents usually seem to be more professional than their oppositions, who are reduced to whining negativity in news sound bites.

  11. As another SA voter, I pretty much concur with all of the above, even when the views seem in conflict! And, that I think is the conundrum we face here in this fine State. Nothing is clear anymore.

    Beyond Vote 1 Green … I have no idea what to do yet!

  12. Not in SA, but Vic, and never having put the Libs above the ALP in my life (and back in the early 80s, a founding member of Deakin Uni ALP), I’ll be putting Lib ahead of ALP in my preferences in the coming election. Corruption or at least anti-transparency and gross incompetence managing contracts, is the main reason. It’s why I call the premier “Joh” Brumby (rather than John).

    I’ve had good reason to applaud the Libs here: the ALP was pushing through totally inappropriate, environmentally irresponsible and costly methods to secure water supply via big industry, handing police surveillance details of protesters to private industry… The libs and greens in the upper house at least forced an inquiry into water supply to get cheaper and more effective options on record. Didn’t matter though, the ALP was signing binding contracts before the ink on the referral-to-committee was dry.

    Actually, I’m hoping for a hung parliament with the Greens and progressive independents having the balance of power in the lower house.

  13. [I’ll be putting Lib ahead of ALP in my preferences in the coming election]

    I might do that too, but either way they’ll both near the bottom, just above the fundies and other various nutters.

    [The libs and greens in the upper house at least forced an inquiry into water supply to get cheaper and more effective options on record.]

    Though I would question the Liberal’s motivation and wouldn’t be surprised if they engaged in this sort of shonkiness themselves, Kennet did after all set the cops on peaceful parents and grand parents protesting a school closure. (Richmond Secondary College – 1993)

  14. “The Greens in SA supported Atkinson’s gag on political debate. “

    Since last time you came here to smear the Greens what you said was totally untrue, I’d like to see the source on that claim before I even vaguely believe it.

  15. Looks like Atkinson is backing down, although he notes that he had the support of all parties.

    Why anyone cares about an SA election is beyond me. Adelaide is merely Tasmania on the Torrens.

  16. I am still voting Labor – I would be shooting myself in the foot if I didn’t!

  17. Why anyone cares about an SA election is beyond me. Adelaide is merely Tasmania on the Torrens.

    Well, SB, people in SA care about it even if most of the rest of country is indifferent. I see that your blog mentioned the internet censorship law on Monday. We croweaters are humbled that you could divert some of your precious cosmopolitan attention to our pathetic little backwater.

  18. Jeremy and Chade, the Greens did support this legislation in parliament, but you are right in your criticism of my comments. In parliament, the law was presented as applying only to the web version of printed newspapers. Since then, the interpretation of its applicability has been grossly expanded. The Greens (along with everyone else) were misled.

  19. “Why anyone cares about an SA election is beyond me. Adelaide is merely Tasmania on the Torrens.”

    Why anyone bites when they’re well aware you’re teasing…

    To answer seriously, SA affects the rest of us because it has a particularly obnoxious A-G who insists on imposing his wacky views on the whole country, and our own A-Gs are too cowardly to stand up to him.

  20. Atkinson was instrumental in blocking R18+ games. What else would you expect from a conservative backwater?

  21. RobJ said “just above the fundies and other various nutters” wrt me putting Lib ahead of ALP on prefs in Vic.

    Yep… although there are harmless “nutters” that will go above the 2 majors… “Monster Raving Loony Party”, “Silly Party” and “Slightly Silly Party”, as long as they aren’t religious or racist, go above the majors.

  22. One of the greens was in support of this censorship over in the SA?

  23. No – they were lied to about what the regulations would actually be.

  24. So your excuse is that they were just gullible?

  25. No-one was lied to, for goodness sake!

    The whole point of debating legislation put in front of you is, through a combination of using your own brains and seeking appropriate legal or constitutional advice, is to debate the merits of the proposed law, which includes delving into its intent, interpretations and practical application.

    The fact that no-one chose to do this, added to the fact that both Labor and Liberal (not sure about the others) have MPs who were lawyers in a previous life – well, it’s not a good look. Seriously, folks; in how many other pieces of legislation can you think of did the opposition parties just fall into line with the government’s position without formulating their own arguments?

    The intent of the legislation was that the internet come under the same rules of law as print newspaper – the law that currently exists. It probably seemed a simple and logical change, and I think the full ramifications of this law has actually taken everyone by surprise, not only the parliamentarians who voted for it but also those officers in parliament who helped draft the laws.

    Yes, Atkinson is a dill, but apparently so is everyone else in Parliament.

    Welcome to SA 🙂

  26. Have to agree with SB there, being tricked is no real excuse. They should’ve done some research before voting, even more reason when it’s Atkinson proposing this nonsense.

  27. You’d hope so, too, but given the number of Greens MPs in SA compared with the amount of legislation that is put through parliament, if they were to read every one in detail before voting for it then they’d either have to vote against the vast majority of bills, or delay them considerably.

    If minor parties can’t trust the major parties to at least describe their legislation accurately, then they’re going to have to put the brakes on most of it.

  28. Voters living in the State Seat of Lee do have an alternative – vote Communist! The CPA is running a good candidate, Bob Briton, a Port Adelaide local with great credentials.

  29. Lol Communists are pro censorship not against.

  30. Did you know the greens preference will go to the ALP.

  31. Only if people choose to preference the ALP. You know you have control over your preferences, right?

    And the alternative is preferencing the Liberals, so it’s not really much of a choice, is it?

  32. Im pretty sure the CPA were against the gag planned by the ALP. Out of everyone they would be affected worst by internet censorship.

    Voting communist sends a great message to Rann and co, that workers realise who really represents them.

  33. maybe colin, that people who live in SA, actaully like living in a smaller state, perhaps we don’t want to spend 3 hours a day stuck in traffic to get 15km across town. from someone who has lived in the country in SA, London, Melbourn and country Victoria, I came back here because it’s a lovely state. Not everyone wants to live in a massive, annonymous city, some people do actually like the feeling of being part of a community.

    anyway, i’m just going to vote Greens, my preferences will go to labour, and i don’t like some of their plans, but also i don’t like some of the liberals plans. Rann has actually done a few valuable things for the state since i left and came back.

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