Bit harsh to judge a country by its fringe groups, isn’t it?

Indian magazine Outlook asks:

You might wonder where they get that idea from, until you read the article and realise they’re talking primarily to neo-Nazis and right-wing racists from fringe groups Australia First and One Nation. Seriously, Jim Salaem and Bob Vinnicombe the only political representatives – sorry, participants: neither actually has enough support to have a seat in parliament – whose views were sought?

I suspect that’s a sadder indictment on Outlook than it is on Australia.

11 responses to “Bit harsh to judge a country by its fringe groups, isn’t it?

  1. I’m an Australian of Indian descent.

    The article is crap, as is the beat up about anti Indian racism in Australia.

    Australians might be racist sure, but the way its being portrayed in that article is kind of pathetic.

    And Australian racism is not just a white persons game… its just worse when it comes from the most powerful demographic in any country.

    But really we have ourselves to blame – there are plenty of fuckheads who do stupid things and make us look like a bunch of arseholes. That jerk at the cricket last night is a case in point.

  2. The headline is extreme, but the rest of the article I thought was really good. They include “Neither the Australia First Party nor One Nation matters much in Australia’s parliamentary politics.”

    I also agree with “His and Salaem’s views may not be shared by most Australians, yet the attacks on Indians have brought the immigration and race issues to the fore again.”

    I didn’t think the article was harsh on australia at all, discussing issues like the increased visibility of indians in service jobs and the old chestnuts of flashing electronics and lewd behaviour – mentioning motive may not be racial motivated.

  3. I find it funny that an article lambasting Australians for their racism actually indulges in some “blame the victim” bullshit with Punjabi’s and yet can’t see the irony.

    (Punjabi jokes are a bit like Irish jokes used to be in Australia. )

    I just thought it was crap – poorly written and all over the place. The comments are interesting tho.

    Australia obviously has issues with identity, and its racism follows on from this, but I have never experienced anti Indian racism. I have family in the western suburbs of Melbourne and they have never mentioned it.

    It certainly doesn’t seem as bad as the overt anti Muslim sentiment that we have been wallowing for nearly a decade. Or the anti aboriginal feeling that still shines through if you scratch the surface.

  4. “It certainly doesn’t seem as bad as the overt anti Muslim sentiment that we have been wallowing for nearly a decade”

    That’s what I thought, so the gutter media in India are exaggerating with regard to Australia, just take a look at some of the so-called journalism here, eg Toady Tonight, ACA, Certain, dog whistling News Corp hacks! etc etc.

  5. But jules, you have to admit that it’s a cultural thing – getting beaten to a pulp by complete strangers is a very strong part of Indian culture. It’s hard for them to avoid it. I’m surprised the Indian media have left out that hypothesis …


  6. “getting beaten to a pulp by complete strangers is a very strong part of Indian culture”


    Does such a comment come from the same place that says drinking yourself into the gutter is a very strong part of Australian culture?

  7. I think being beaten to a pulp by complete strangers is part of human culture. I spose I should try and be annoyed, rm but that comment actually made me laugh alot. cheers.

    I have all over the worst parts of melbourne all my life, till I left years ago, melbourne is always a violent city, bfd, I never once felt threatened, and never once got hassled, mugged or threatened.

    3 weeks ago at a party I met a foreign Tamil student … and his mates, another of whom was also a foreign student.

    They were from Malaysia but you’d assume he was “indian” and fair enough. He never had any probs either, living and going to school in brisbane for about 6 months. I asked him specifically 6 months ago. He’s about 6 foot tall 100kg and built like a brick shithouse tho, so he’s no “easy target”.

    I think this whole thing is a bit of a beat up …

    Maybe it isn’t, but I am not experiencing it.

    And I’ll bet there is a feedback loop that all the publicity is driving, that will result in some more attacks on indians in australia than otherwise would have happened.

    Some of the criticism’s of Australia coming out of India are bollocks too, in that India is no different. Ask the Dongria Kondh.

    Then again there is plenty of racism in australia that needs to be dealt with at some point. Not as much as once, but its always there if you scratch the surface. No different to anywhere else in that respect, tho its probably worth trying to be better than that.

    If this sort of publicity brings some serious examination of it good, if not well its nothing new.

  8. That should say “I have been walking, late at night, all over the “worst’ parts of melbourne…”

    (When it gets out of moderation.)

  9. Obviously I was being sarcastic, people.

    It was a dig at those Australians who make sweeping generalisations about a culture (cf Andrew Bolt and the Sudanese “gang culture” – yawn) and use that to explain the trouble they get into, and ergo our superior Anglo Saxon culture triumphs yet again, because it’d never happen to us.

  10. Hay relax rm. I really thought it was funny. I dunno if you know Indian culture that well, but in some ways that comment is so right and so wrong that its really, really funny.

    My brother is, like me, half indian and he works and lives in Melbourne’s west and north west, and he hasn’t experienced any racism either … ever, or lately. Nor does he feel unsafe.

    In some ways this kind of reminds me of when a liar gets upset at being accused of lying when they really are telling the truth. For once.

  11. (cf Andrew Bolt and the Sudanese “gang culture” – yawn)

    Don’t get me started on Bolt. Lol. His reporting on that made me sick. Horrible, hate-filled man.

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