Kinglake, Australia Day 2010

Kinglake on Tuesday, almost a year after the fires:

3 responses to “Kinglake, Australia Day 2010

  1. Thanks for posting on this Jeremy.

    I am living back home, on top of my hill in Strathewen (just below Kinglake) and see the view in your photo each day.

    Strathewen and Kinglake are still beautiful, peaceful places to live. Burnt bush and the regrowth is all part of the natural environment and it has a beauty many people never get to see.

    It is still hard to drive our road past the homes of so many of our lost friends, but people have always lived on land scared by war and other natural disasters, so I’m sure we can as well. Only time will tell.

    Right now, it is a pleasure seeing the green again, and pain still, at the loss of life and the destruction of our communities.

    I won’t be attending a memorial service this Sunday, but spending some quiet time with my remaining neighbours and friends. It’s too soon for many of us …..

    For everyone else, please remember that living in Strathewen (or any fire affected area) is an on going struggle, as we work through the loss of our homes and the many friends and their children that we knew and loved. We also have many injured people (physical and emotional) that need ongoing support.

    While we seem to smile more now, very little seems to have been done and we still have a long journey ahead. Many people have taken the option of moving out, this leaves those of us who are trying to rebuild feeling very on our own.

    If you know someone from the fire zone, please let them do what they need to do this week and don’t judge their choice. It is a very individual journey. One I hope we all recover from eventually.

  2. For what its worth Craigy there are people all around here who always seem to spare a thought for you lot down there. I have a few friends who live down there, and many others up here from that part of the world.

    I know its means very little compared to what happened, but our thoughts are with you guys and have been since it happened.

  3. Thanks jules.

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