Sophisticated reviewing headlines with Apple’s new iPad:

“Good or bad”?

UPDATE: Via LGWS, Lifehacker outlines why the iPad is a very disturbing development – it’s an extension of Apple’s “we will control what you do with your machine” ethos to personal computers. If it was tolerable with a mobile phone, it shouldn’t be with an actual computer.

14 responses to “Sophisticated reviewing

  1. Northern Exposure

    On other technological news, cspan is doing a brilliant live coverage of the State of the Union here.

    The talking heads have pinned Pres Obama to say he wants an end to dont ask dont tell in the military. Should be interesting.

  2. It’s neither. Maybe News could learn to live with ambiguity.

  3. You’re either for the iPad or you’re against it.

  4. Northern Exposure

    Hate it, Kill ipad.

  5. Typo too, it’s an ‘iPad’

    Anyway – I guess if they included an SD slot then everybody would buy the base model and expand the memory themselves.

  6. Oh yeah – no USB…

  7. Thing is though other manufacturers now have an opportunity to build something better and cheaper, now that the ‘standard’ has been set by Apple.

    It may also drive down the price of 15″ notebooks even more. 🙂

  8. Zippy the Pinhead

    WTF – no multitasking !?! My Amiga 500 kicks Ipad’s arse.

  9. Does anyone know the specs for the HP Slate?

  10. It’s neither. Maybe News could learn to live with ambiguity.

    And not polarise their readership? Where’s the fun in that?!

  11. Lack of multitasking is not really that big a deal.
    You are not going to be using this to encode HD vide, whilst playing Modern Warfare 2 at the same time.

    People complaining about it being a closed eco-system is also inane. Thats the choice you make in buying Apple – get over it. It was the same closed hardware vs open open system for Amiga’s vs PC’s too.

    That said its no where near the full blown tablet PC equivalent I was hoping for. Mac OS would have been fine, iPhone OS is just there to give it a bucket load of apps from the get-go…

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