I want the truth!

Whilst we’re acting all surprised that American voters could turn on the Democrats only a year after turning on the Republicans – BUT THEY BROUGHT CHANGE!!11!! – look at the way the current Democrat administration is helping cover up the extremely suspicious Guantanamo “suicides” from 2006:

The fact that at least two of the prisoners also had cloth masks affixed to their faces, presumably to prevent the expulsion of the rags from their mouths, went unremarked by the NCIS, as did the fact that standard operating procedure at Camp Delta required the Navy guards on duty after midnight to “conduct a visual search” of each cell and detainee every ten minutes. The report claimed that the prisoners had hung sheets or blankets to hide their activities and shaped more sheets and pillows to look like bodies sleeping in their beds, but it did not explain where they were able to acquire so much fabric beyond their tightly controlled allotment, or why the Navy guards would allow such an obvious and immediately observable deviation from permitted behavior. Nor did the report explain how the dead men managed to hang undetected for more than two hours or why the Navy guards on duty, having for whatever reason so grievously failed in their duties, were never disciplined…

Those charged with accounting for what happened—the prison command, the civilian and military investigative agencies, the Justice Department, and ultimately the attorney general himself—all face a choice between the rule of law and the expedience of political silence. Thus far, their choice has been unanimous.

Since when has “looking forward, not backward” been a reason not to properly investigate possible homicides?

ELSEWHERE: Is the US seriously turning away aid for Haiti from other countries?

12 responses to “I want the truth!

  1. Northern Exposure

    The reports they made would probably have called them manipulative self-injurous behaviour in an act of asymetric warfare against the USA. The bastards who run the place are sick and the bastards who are supposed to be investigating are cowards. We’re not likely to find out what actually happened in there for a very long time.

  2. Northern Exposure

    Just read that thing. I hate being right…sometimes.

  3. Northern Exposure: yep.

    3 highly improbable simultaneous “suicides” are referred to as asymmetrical warfare. where do you even start with kind of thing?

  4. Individual criminal acts by guards or a group of guards should be investigated thoroughly. I reckon Gitmo should be closed down immediately. Send them all to U.S. state penn’s where they will really learn what punishment is!

    That’s if you can find a governor who is prepared to take them.

  5. Northern Exposure

    How could anyone claim that Pres. Obama isn’t progressive, when he’s made it very clear that he’s not interested in the past. Thats certainly progress, just not in a direction we hoped he’d go.

  6. If that story about Haiti is true, it’s bloody appalling.

    No amount of paranoia about communists in Cuba or drugs coming in from Venezuala should ever get in the way of humanitarian aid.

    Oh, and who died and made the US king of the world?

  7. Northern Exposure


  8. Northern Exposure

    The yanks have also been hogging the main airport to the extent that doctors and medical supplies cant be dropped off. Vodka and hacksaws all around.

  9. “ELSEWHERE: Is the US seriously turning away aid for Haiti from other countries?”

    if you think the US is in Haiti to provide “aid”, think again. you don’t blockade airports and send 20,000 marines…to deliver rice

  10. Northern Exposure

    It’s Japanese Fighting Rice, you have to be careful with it. A whole Killer Tomato and The Cars that Ate Paris thing going on.

  11. Skepticus Autartikus

    You want the truth?

    Boy, you can’t handle tEh Truth!

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