Hey, it’s that annual event again

Hey, you. I am not officially closing the blog for the year, and there could well be more posts before the annual present-exchanging solstice remembrance event, but – while we’re all running around organising things at the last minute – I just thought I’d put up an open thread for regulars to chat about the splendidly chaotic couple of days we’re all about to have. If you’re a reader who only visits from work, have a good break and we’ll look forward to seeing you when you return in the new year. If you’re hanging around – I’ll try to make it worth your while.

Once a year, I like to show the trees who’s boss by getting one that’s been chopped down and then covering it in heavy lights and random shiny crap.

See you shortly.

15 responses to “Hey, it’s that annual event again

  1. I was such a good little present giver, wrapping up most of my presents early. Thing is, I still have some to wrap (but finally finished shopping!) and I really, really can’t be bothered.

    Anyway, I’m not in the christmas spirit yet, because I have to work the next three days wearing a bright red cap and oversized tshirt (oh and pants), serving ham and prawns to stressed out shoppers. Kind of kills the spirit.

  2. I actually made an effort with the Xmas cards. It seems to be the one tradition my parents have passed onto me.

    Of course, they’re Union Aid Abroad cards! ๐Ÿ˜›

  3. This is the first year for a while that I organised some presents months in advance. Of course, with three days to go, there are still one or two people I’ve got no idea what to buy.

  4. Happy Jesus’s Birthday/Birth of the Sun God!
    “Jesus is not mad that his birthday is on Christmas.
    Jesus is not mad that his birthday is on Christmas.
    Jesus is not mad that his birthday is on Christmas.
    Jesus is not mad that his birthday is on Christmas.
    Jesus is not mad that his birthday is on Christmas.”
    ~Bart Simpson

  5. At least we all know now not to get a goat in Africa for our good friend Andrew. That should help. Cheers until New Year (a real Celtic celebration). Happy Season to all.

  6. >Of course, with three days to go, there are >still one or two people Iโ€™ve got no idea what to >buy.

    Might I suggest some Universal Gift Vouchers? They come in different colours and denominations, and have pictures of famous Australians on them. You can exchange them for goods and services in any shop in Australia!

  7. For a difficult-to-buy-for aunt I bought a cheap beach bag and filled it with a tube of sunscreen, a crossword puzzle book, pen, magazines, a novel, a bottle of champagne, fancy plastic champagne glass, bottle of water, and sun hat. Now when she goes to the beach all she has to do is pick up her bag and go.

    I plan to do something similar for friend who’s a gardening nut, but fill it with gardening-related stuff.

  8. I bought my son Scalextric, I’m looking forward to Friday!

  9. So it’ a bit like the bowling ball that Homer bought Marge for Christmas, eh RobJ?

  10. My wife and I always put together a hamper for people we have trouble thinking of presents for — they always seem to go down well.


    You remind me of a Xmas present I got when I was about 5 or 6, a racing car set with 2 cars — my uncles and dad stayed up all night playing with it and broke one of the controllers, so I ended up with a set with 1 car ๐Ÿ˜›

    It never got repaired but was still a favourite toy for a long time.

  11. I bought my son Scalextric, Iโ€™m looking forward to Friday!

    What is that Rob?

  12. “So itโ€™ a bit like the bowling ball that Homer bought Marge for Christmas, eh RobJ?”

    LOL – I’m sure the boy will be happy.

    confessions, Scalextric is the number one name in slot cars.

    Gavin, I can see myself visiting the hobby shop soon, see if I can get me a pair on Mini Cooper Ss. The set I got is pretty basic, Top Gear Power Laps, so it has a lap counter at least and a Ford GT40 and a Porsche 911. Being Scalextric, if he likes it (I’m sure he will) then we can get more bits.

  13. Thanks Rob.

    It sounds like an electric shaver or depilatory cream!

  14. He’ll love it Rob — it’s a never fail gift for boys ๐Ÿ™‚

    My set wasn’t anywhere near the sophistication of scalextric of course — it was the late 60’s after all — it had a red car and a black one modelled on F1 racing cars of the day, the red one was the one broken, the set itself and the black car still work. The cars are about 8 inches long and about 3 inches wide.

  15. nice discussion topic bro

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