The Herald Sun, following up the important stories:

dogs better than cats
Typical of News Ltd’s junk papers, they even reported the wrong result.

Tomorrow’s hard-hitting front page expose? Boxers vs briefs.

I’ve got my $1.10 all ready.

13 responses to “Exclusive!

  1. Since when did you read the Herald Sun? And since when did we have papers of any description hanging around?

  2. They have it at cafes.

    Where lefties buy lattes.

  3. Look at this way – puff stories are probably better than ravings about why all criminals should be drowned at birth.

  4. Jurnamalism. They does it.

  5. Awesome. I want a copy.

  6. The shame of it is that it is based [ or at least it looks like that] on populist circulation chasing by the science journal New Scientist.
    Here is a link to the original:

  7. our philosophy at new scientist is:

  8. There’s no footy. What else are they supposed to unleash onto readers?

  9. Ah, Limited News, what a fun bunch.

  10. OMG…I need to know the answer right away.

    I really do hope New Ltd try to charge for their online newspapers – hopefully it’ll put them out of business.

  11. What a stupid bloody article!

    Everybody knows that cats are better than dogs because the flesh is much more tender!


  12. Now that Murdoch owns “Walk Against Warming” the Spurious Tale has ramped up the Brisbane turnout to “10,000”!! (Fairfax puts it at “a couple of thousand”). And apparently some bolters were milling about telling fibs “1970’s ice age”, “climategate”, “temperatures cooling last decade” etc..
    Back a few years ago, before he got his mits on it, they shrunk the turnout to “a hundred or so protesters”.

    Fact free zone.

  13. “they even reported the wrong result.”

    What? That cats are smarter than dogs? (from somebody that loves both cats and dogs, in fact owns more cats than dogs (I’d even the ledger if my wife would let me))

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