Who needs moderates, anyway?

Last on Tony Abbott for a bit, but isn’t it good to see the right-wing of his party completely dominate his new front bench?

When the Liberal Party says it’s a “broad church”, one of those words is sarcastic.

9 responses to “Who needs moderates, anyway?

  1. It’s certainly a “new team”, and what a wonderfully fresh look it has. Bringing back Bronnie, Laughing Phil Ruddock and that eternal prankster Kevin Andrews will really rejuvenate not just the Opposition benches, but the entire parliament. Not sure what he means about Barnaby being a “retail politician” – does that mean he’s for sale? And putting Nick Minchin in charge of collecting donations from resources companies is a master stroke.

  2. he’s a rhodes scholar catholic monarchist, you’re going to see some pretty “right-wing” selections…

    …btw are we still using bullshit “wing” labels? i thought only the brain dead CNN/FOX media used those… they work wonders to limit the spectrum of any debate

  3. Zippy the Pinhead

    dunno, ‘wingnut’ seems pretty apt in this case

  4. Bishop, Andrews and Ruddock? Mr Abbott must have used necromancy to bring these charisma-free uglies back from the dead. And I thought he was supposed to be a Christian chap.

  5. I don’t know why they don’t just re name themselves the conservative party and be done with it. Thats essentially what they are and have been at heart for a long time now.

    Maybe it’s time for a new party drawing from the centre left of the Liberal and centre right of Labor with a few centrist greens to boot. Now that might well be a party I’d consider voting for. Maybe the next project for Malcom Turnbull??

  6. Hmmmmm… How about a slogan like “Keeping the bastards honest”

  7. As Sir Humphrey would say – ‘that’s a very brave move’…

    Abbott decides on the death or glory approach.

    I smell death……

  8. The sheer weight of catholic fundies in shadow cabinet is a concern. And they aren’t just ‘catholics’, they are people who have used their religion to justify attacks on public policy in order to shape it to their liking.

    Middle Ages, here we come!

  9. Now that’s a team hand-picked to lose the next election. Thanks Tony!

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