Results from the internet filter: we can’t see them, but the Australian Christian Lobby is allowed a peek

What do you do when you’ve committed to a dog of a policy and the results of your trial – your trial without criteria for success – are so bad it’s going to be a serious struggle to pretend otherwise? You get the lobbyists you’re doing it for in early, and remind them that you’re in it together. And you give them a head start on everyone else.

You’d almost feel sorry for him – if Conroy weren’t trying to destroy our access to the internet for no good reason.

7 responses to “Results from the internet filter: we can’t see them, but the Australian Christian Lobby is allowed a peek

  1. Dodgy

  2. AdamTheLurker

    This filter was the Christian Lobby’s idea?? I’m not surprised, but it annoys me even more that a lobby not even representing a majority of Australians (and certainly not me) is trying to force their ideas down our throat… I think I’ve seen this sort of thing before.

  3. Good to see Mark Newton from internode is still on this.

    Click to access ellis-2009-11-12.pdf

  4. Conroy is a mean, nasty little piece of works. This all started under the libs, and labor have not given up on it.

    My suspicion is that a major part of the reason they are pushing the new national broadband net so hard is because the government will be the gatekeeper, not the ISPs as we currently know them. And so implementing control and filtering will be firmly back in their court.

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  7. Internet
    are used to prevent people from surfing where the administrator does
    not want them to go.
    For example, they may install a filter at work to prevent "Cyberloafing". 
    Or a parent may want to install and internet filter in order to keep their kids
    focused on homework instead of surfing the web.  Also, filters are used to block

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