Why even bother?

In addition to showing it very late, the ABC is showing the latest Doctor Who episode, Waters of Mars, in reduced quality.

And they wonder why people look elsewhere for their television! Late and low quality. Why bother buying it at all? Just how much of an audience do they think they’ll still have?

This year’s Christmas special will probably be shown in black and white, in June. June 2013.

(Via LGWS.)

5 responses to “Why even bother?

  1. I’m one of these people who has an old fashioned telly, I sometimes consider getting a new one but think what’s the point, with stuff like you’ve listed the incentive wanes.

    Also I fear that the ABC will one day have adverts (well more ads for stuff they don’t produce and commercial breaks in shows) If this happens I’m just going to give up TV.

    I find games and the internet to be more entertaining as it is (I have a crappy old fashioned TV but a great monitor for PC/XboX.)

  2. Ads on the ABC a reason to give up TV? That’s going a bit far.

    ObTopic: It sounds like the BBC is licensing the SD and HD versions of the show separately. The ABC likely has to pay more to broadcast the HD one. As a fan, this is significantly less cool on the BBC’s part.

  3. You kids are spoilt rotten, I say!

    Dr. Who is about characters and storylines, not intense graphics and fancy special effects.

    Stop thinking about how you’ve been slighted by nasty broadcasters and enjoy the blooming show!
    I guarantee that 10 minutes into the episode you’ll have forgotten all about HD and SD.

    Bloody MTV generation!


  4. I’m just glad to see the show!

  5. Comparatively it’s actually pretty good in terms of time-frame. It only aired in the UK about three weeks previously.

    Clearly not perfect, but it’s improving.

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