Marriage Equality Rally photos (Melbourne)

Fewer people than last time, I think – I guess gay Australians can be as apathetic as the rest of us – but still a good, representative sample of ordinary Australians standing up for basic human rights on behalf of the busy majority.

The photos only cover the part of the rally in front of the State Library, because I had to leave before the march itself to go and have a car accident. I’ll update the post with links to other people’s photos as I become aware of them.

UPDATE #1: A video of the rally:

UPDATE #2: Ozpolitik has some photos of the Brisbane rally.

UPDATE #3: Video of the Sydney rally:

19 responses to “Marriage Equality Rally photos (Melbourne)

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  2. “but still a good, representative sample of ordinary Australians”

    You’re kidding aren’t you?

  3. So, what do you think the turn out was? The media up here in Brisbane is saying 2000 nationwide, but that seems small to me given the photos I’ve seen of various locations. Not surprising that they would seek to belittle the real turn out, though …

  4. “You’re kidding aren’t you?”


  5. I had to leave before the march itself to go and have a car accident.

    OMG are you OK?

  6. It was more a bingle. A lady reversed into me.

  7. Why do I support FULL equality for all people regardless of sexual orientation:

    Here’s a comment in response to a National Times article last week:

    I am an elderly gay male. As I look back over my life and the years of persecution that gay people were subject to in the last century, I find it almost impossible to believe that at last, finally, one small step has been made towards equality for gay people I remember, as a young lad, narrowly escaping a jail sentence when to police saw me kissing my boyfriend good night as we sat in a motor car. We were hauled before the courts and severely admonished by a judge before being given a suspended sentence under the supervision of a parole officer. Not to be outdone, the police reported the incident to our parents and also our employers who sacked us on the spot. Our lives were ruined and my friend who could not endure the humiliation that was heaped upon us committed suicide.
    Talk all you like about religion. Politics and capitalism, all I hear is the voice of a dead boy asking “Is it over yet, Are we free at last”
    Peter Adelaide
    peter | adelaide – November 26, 2009, 9:27PM

    Marriage rights is probably last legal step to full rights; acceptance (not tolerance) as part of everyday life hopefully follows over time.

  8. I have pics up from the Brisbane rally.

    Plenty of cameras at the Brisbane rally but I didn’t see any media.

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  10. The Adelaide Rally had over two hundred, despite cold wet windy weather, and the arrivall parade of the two Pandas from China.

  11. There was no media at the Adelaide rally, however across the road, a “Saltshaker” supporter was taking photos. Only he knows “Heavens ” why!

  12. “but still a good, representative sample of ordinary Australians”
    – Jeremy

    You’re kidding aren’t you?
    – Turtle

    – Jeremy

    Oh yes what a great cross section of Australian society thoose pics represent. All the farmers, main street shopkeepers and small business men and women. All the families – mothers, fathers and kids. All the thoose ladies who play mid week tennis. Mayors from small towns from across the country. All the grey nomads and Italian post war imigrants. Aboriginals, Vietnam Vetrans and footy fans.

    Yep they are all there in thoose photos.

  13. You wouldn’t expect to see farmers at a rally in the city, would you? Plenty of the people there would have been shopkeepers and small business men and women. Plenty of families. Plenty of mothers, plenty of fathers. Some kids – although I’m not sure of the point of bringing kids along to a political rally. etc

    There were the old, the young; men and women; gay people and straight people; the rich and the poor. A good cross-section of Australian society.

  14. Scouse,

    Saltshakers were at Sydney’s rally too taking photos. I was told that was to ensure numbers attending wasn’t inflated.

  15. Why are the religious fundies and fanatics so obsessed with gay rights?

    Or to be precise, why aren’t they hosting their own rallies to protest against adultery or murder – sins mentioned with far more frequency in the “good book”?

    If this really was just about religious adherence then there are lots of other things the authors of the Bible considered far more important than whether or not men had sex together.

  16. Here is a clip of the Sydney rally:

  17. Great video, made the hairs on my arm stand up. Thanks Joni.

    So glad I was a part of it.

  18. Daphon

    Yeah – the poem was great and the support that we all got on the march was uplifting.

    We will meet at the next rally.

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