It’s absurd that in 2009 we have to do this – but we really do

There will be rallies for Marriage Equality around the country today at lunchtime (check this website for times and locations – in Melbourne it’s 1pm at the Town Hall).

Rallies aren’t really my thing, at all, but I can’t really stand by while fellow Australians are being discriminated against for no reason whatsoever. Not in good conscience, anyway. Other personal plans, tempting though they may be, are not enough of an excuse to just ignore what’s continuing to be done to gay people in this country by a cynically hostile government. There’s a time to stand with them, and that’s today.

The ALP and Liberal politicians have made an electoral calculation and figure, from the numbers of religious people who were prepared to click on a web-based form and demand that the law be based on arbitrarily-chosen parts of something called “Leviticus”, that there are more votes to be lost than gained by ending the discrimination.

I think they’re wrong, but we need to show them. We need to make it obvious, as if to a child, that they’re on the wrong side of history. And that there will be electoral consequences for that.

We need to show them by doing more than just sending emails; by making the effort to stand up and be counted. The more ordinary Australians at this rally, the more pressure will be placed on MPs – particularly ALP MPs – to finally do the right thing. The last one saw thousands of people around the country standing up for human rights and fairness.

We can do even better today.

We saw this week how powerful a noisy minority could be when they raise their voices – and they were a demented minority, determined to destroy their chosen political party by insisting it stubbornly pretend there’s no such thing as climate change. (The atmosphere is magically infinite and can absorb whatever we throw at it! God will save us!) In contrast, we’re the majority, and all we’re asking is that the ALP live up to its founding principles of equality and justice.

Let’s make it even more difficult for them to continue to deny gay people the rights that the rest of us enjoy.

Hope to see you there. If you’re in Melbourne, 1pm at the Town Hall. Other cities – check the website.

UPDATE: Photos here.

14 responses to “It’s absurd that in 2009 we have to do this – but we really do

  1. Anyone made an effigy of Steve Fielding to burn? I’ll bring the fuel

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  3. Ironically, I can’t go to the rally because I’m going to a wedding!

  4. I am completely supportive of this cause. However as long as Kevin Rudd is PM, this situation will not change. Not. Ever. That is quite clear.

    Jeebus himself could descent on the House of Representatives and point to Rudd’s face, declaring that he must legalise gay marriage – Rudd still would not budge on this issue.

    If all circumstances allow Julia Gillard to be the next Labor PM, there is a very good chance of gay marriage being legalised.

  5. I’m with KRudd on this one. Gay people should leave marriage alone. I don’t know why Lefty carries on so much about this issue in his blog. The last thing a society needs is to encourage homosexuality. Tolerate it, sympathise with those afflicted by all means, sort out the legalities for those who stay in long term partnerships (inheritance etc.) but the govenment definately doesn’t was to be sending the wrong message on this. It’s a one way ticket to the evolutionary scrapheap.

  6. Most transparent trolling of all time, Steve C.

  7. Just because someone has a different opinion to you, or indeed to the majority on this blog, there is no need to automatically assume it is “trolling”.
    If you choose to respond, please take note of what I did not say as well as what I did say.

  8. Just back from Brisbane rally. Had some camera trouble but hope to have some pics up soon.

  9. “If all circumstances allow Julia Gillard to be the next Labor PM, there is a very good chance of gay marriage being legalised.”

    The weird thing is that whichever PM does finally remove the last discrimination against gay people will have earned themselves a permanent positive place in the history books, something every PM craves. No matter what else happens, they could always look back on that proudly – and most people would respect them for it.

    “The last thing a society needs is to encourage homosexuality.”

    Is Steve suggesting that legalising gay marriage will tempt straight people into getting gay married? Is there something he wants to tell us?

  10. “It’s a one way ticket to the evolutionary scrapheap.”

    Yes, everybody is suddenly going to turn gay just because the gays have marriage equality. The sun will stop orbiting the flat earth, pigs will start flying without provocation, frogs will fall out of the sky and abort your babies, and god will turn all heterosexuals into pillars of salt for the sin of being straight.

    It’s the end of all things. We’re all doooooooooooomed!!!!!!

  11. I didn’t end up going to the rally in Adelaide because my mother-in-law came to stay for the weekend and the weather turned atrocious mid morning.

    Not heard from anyone who did go (I suspect my Facebook “friend” Sarah Hanson-Young went, but I haven’t been on Facebook yet this morning), but I suspect the awful weather would have put a lot of other people off, too.

  12. It’s a one way ticket to the evolutionary scrapheap.

    Personally I’m curious why so many “rational” opponents of homosexuality are so willing to embrace a form of social darwinism to justify their hostility. Don’t they know how much evil that philosophy has caused?

  13. “my mother-in-law came to stay for the weekend and the weather turned atrocious mid morning”

    I suspect the two events are connected.

    When my beloved smother in law comes to stay, the bread will not rise and the cow gives sour milk.

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